My Post Workout Shake with Unflavored Protein Powder

I’d like to share my current post workout shake using an unflavored protein powder. I had blogged about this specific brand last week, Raw Barrel’s No Bull Protein.

My post workout shake consists of 40-50 grams of protein, so a couple of scoops of No Bull protein covers that. And I have a few ingredients I blend it with for my carbohydrate sources. As you know, a blend of protein and carbs is essential to kick-start recovery after those grueling workouts (btw, I trained shoulders and traps this morning!).

My Post Workout Shake Ingredients

I’m going to give you a rundown of all of the ingredients I’m using for my post workout shake, which has proven to be quite yummy.

Raw Barrel’s No Bull Protein

My main ingredient is the unflavored protein I just started using, which I need to order more of today. I’ve been using Raw Barrel’s No Bull Protein Powder for a little over a week and absolutely love it for my shakes.

You can read reviews and order Raw Barrel No Bull unflavored protein from Amazon.

Coconut Milk

Another core ingredient for my post workout shake is Coconut Milk. This stuff tastes amazing, especially with protein shakes! Now, I sometimes use Almond Milk as well and it has less sugar. You can pick up both at most grocery stores (we have a Publix close to our home, and I prefer Publix over the other stores in our area).

Blueberries and Bananas

I love fruits in general but especially berries and bananas. For this shake with unflavored protein, I used one banana and about a half cup of blueberries. I may also throw in strawberries when I have them. We get our fruits from local farmers and fresh markets. Very tasty!

In the event that we don’t have fresh fruits, I keep a bag of frozen dark berries in the freezer. I get this from Publix as well. But I prefer fresh fruits.

Raw Honey

Another item we pick up from local fresh markets is raw honey. There are so many benefits to this and I take a tablespoon of raw honey each day. I do not mix this with my protein shake, but I do take it at the same time.

Ninja Blender

This obviously isn’t an ingredient…lol! But it’s the core item for making my protein shakes. This is the most awesome blender I’ve ever owned. What sold me was the nutrient extraction.

It’s not the cheapest but it’s well worth it if you make a lot of shakes. We also got the food processor and several attachments, which Ive yet to use. But I blend multiple shakes on a daily basis with the Ninja Blender.

You can read reviews and order the Ninja from Amazon.

Shakes with No Bull Unflavored Protein

Using No Bull unflavored protein has really brought out the true flavor in my protein shakes. Not to mention there’s no fillers or artificial flavors. The flavored proteins can kill the natural taste of the other ingredients.

I’ve also noticed that I feel better and there’s no bloating using unflavored protein powder. Not to mention I love the way my shakes taste now.

I just wrote a full review on No Bull Protein Powder, which you can read by clicking here.

Train with Passion,


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