What’s Your Favorite Cheat Meal?

I posted this image on my Instagram this morning and got a huge response! I guess I should have expected that. After all, it’s many people’s favorite cheat meal. Pizza!

To give props, this is actually our favorite pizza place, Sally O’Neals, in South Tampa. It didn’t stop there. I also had a craft beer (Coppertail’s Free Dive IPA) and some garlic bread sticks.

Strict Diet vs Cheat Meals

I’ll be honest, I don’t eat a super strict diet. Unless you’re training for a competition that requires your physique or weight to be at a particular level, I don’t see the point.

Rather, I follow a sensible diet.

My diet plan is somewhat strict during the week. I get the adequate amounts of protein needed to recover and build lean muscle. I also make sure I eat good carbs and healthy fats. There may be an evening where we eat out and I may have a bite of dessert. I’m far more lenient on the weekends though.

Cheat Meals or Cheat Weekend?

We tend to eat out on the weekends quite a bit. Some people play golf and some may go to the movies, or collect stamps or whatever. Our hobby, or perhaps it’s more of a passion, is supporting mom and pop restaurants.

Now there’s one thing I’ve learned about mom and pop shops. These folks put their heart into the food they cook. For the most part, you can eat much healthier at mom and pop restaurants versus chain restaurants. More importantly, we like the idea of supporting local businesses.

Not every meal is a cheat meal on the weekends. So it wouldn’t be fair to call it a cheat weekend. It’s more of a balance between healthy foods and moderately splurging on comfort foods.

Is that a salad over there?? 

My Favorite Cheat Meal

Well, you already know what my favorite cheat meal is. But I’m extremely picky about my pizza and where I get it. The place I mentioned, Sally O’Neals, is my true favorite. When I get that craving, there’s nothing else that will satisfy it.

I’m also a craft beer snob. I could write another post altogether on that. I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t beer make you fat? Absolutely, it can. Especially what I like; craft beer and IPAs. But as with most things in life, moderation is key.

The ultimate question is for you to answer. Are you happy with your physique? Are you happy with your overall health and the way you feel? If not, make changes in your diet accordingly.

Sensible Meal Plans and Recipes

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few meal planning guides that I personally believe are premium guides.

3 Week Diet – This is a science-based diet program and super easy to follow. It’s not anything extreme and when you go through it, it makes perfect sense. Definitely check out the 3 Week Diet here.

Anabolic Cooking – There’s actually some healthy dessert recipes in this book! The recipes are catered to supporting optimal hormone levels helping you gain lean muscle and cut fat. You can read more about Anabolic Cooking here.

Feel free to post your favorite cheat meals. I’d love to see them. Perhaps I’ll join you!

Train (and eat) with Passion



P.S. – My 12 week workout program comes with a free meal planning guide! You can read more about my Hardcore Muscle Building Program here

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