August Supplement Stack for Strength Gains and Lifting Heavy

Supplement Stack for Strength Gains and Recovery

In my August supplement stack for strength gains, you’ll see that I’m trying a few supplements for the very first time. This is exciting as my supplements don’t change that much from month to month with the exemption of pre workout supplements.

My supplement stacks revolve mostly around recovery. You can have the greatest workout ever but if you don’t do what’s necessary for proper recovery, your efforts in the gym are almost completely wasted.

Along with recovery, performance enhancing supplements are important to me (as you may know, I wake up around 4AM to go train). And I’m also giving my muscles and joints an extra boost.

Jason’s Supplement Stack for August 2017

I’m going to highlight the new supplements I’m trying for the first time and I’ll follow that with the remaining ones.

  • Universal Nutrition Animal Flex – First of all, I can’t believe I’ve never taken this before. I’ve tried most every Universal Nutrition and Animal supplement (I’ve always been a fan). So why am I taking Animal Flex now? I’ve just started training heavy and doing mostly compound exercises. I have no current joint pain but I’m using Animal Flex as a preventive measure. Something for joints was a must-have for my supplement stack for strength gains.


  • GAT Nitraflex – This is another supplement that’s been around or a while yet I’ve never tried until now. I love this stuff! I get the expected pumps, energy and metal focus in the gym. I’m almost out and may snag another container of Nitraflex! Now, a little note here; Nitraflex claims to help boost testosterone. I can’t attest (no pun intended) to that, but it does deliver everything I expect from a pre workout.

  • EBN Herculin MRF-4 – Herculin MRF-4 is a brand new supplement, if I’m not mistaken. In fact, I believe the company EBN Sports Premium in new as well. They sent me Herculin MRF-4 to try out for a review. Herculin MRF-4 is a post workout formula. Other than just branched chain amino acids, I haven’t taken anything special for post workout. Herculin MRF-4 is a combination of amino acids and creatine, and there’s some other goodies as well. I’ve been taking it for three weeks now and I’m seeing some decent results in regards to strength gains. I plan to stay on this for another month or so. It’s proven to be a nice addition to my new supplement stack for strength gains.

The other supplements I’m taking this month are standard and include:

Supplement Stack for Strength Training

This is one of the best supplements stacks I’ve been on in a while. My stacks were extremely basic prior to starting this stack. It was pretty much the three standard supplements you see above with a pre workout. I actually laid off multivitamins for a while. I feel better overall being back on Animal Pal.

I’ll keep you updated on my supplement stacks. Also, look for reviews common soon on the three new supplements I’ve taking.

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