Day 3 – Squats: Strength and Conditioning Workout

Squat Day

Squats and more squats! I’ve been looking forward to today’s leg workout all week. It was a bit strange because I’m only squatting once a week after coming off of a program where I was squatting twice a week. It’s funny how little things can mess with your head in the gym!

Welcome to Day 3 of my strength and conditioning workout. I’m following my own modified version of Brian Alsruhe’s linear progression workout program (I include his YouTube video below where he thoroughly goes over the program).

Now I said this is Day 3, and it truly is. However, my third workout of the week was yesterday. I decided to go in and train a little arms. That workout is not really part of the overall strength and conditioning program posted by Brian Alsruhe. But like I said, I’m doing my own modified version of it (he actually encourages this in his video, which I thought was cool – I do the same; we put stuff out there as a guide, like a road map. You can cater it to your own goals and liking. It’s the same with the workout programs I offer on my site, and my metal guitar lessons that I provide on YouTube).

Day 3 – Squats Workout

Phase 1 – Squats

Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Squat Jumps 8 8 bodyweight
B Squats 1 8 135
B Squats 1 8 225
B Squats 1 8 245
B Squats 3 6 275
B Squats 1 6 275
C Rope Cable Crunches 8 8 85

Phase 2 – Squats

Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Squat Jumps 8 8 bodyweight
B Front Squats 8 8 135
C Rope Cable Crunches 8 8 85

Phase 3 – Squats

Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Good Mornings 4 8 135
B Leg Raises 4 8 bodyweight


*I’m doing all giant sets (as described in Brian’s video below); all exercises are done in sequence, hence A, B, C). 

Workout Details for Squat Day

Squats are something I couldn’t do for a long time, or at least something I thought I couldn’t do. I’ve had lower back problems for most of my adult life. If I’m honest with myself, this was probably from doing exercises with bad form in my younger years.

Earlier this year I started doing deep stretching daily and Yoga a couple times a week (I originally typed ‘Yoda’ instead of Yoga, and had to go back and change it! Lol). This has done wonders for my lower back. Long story short, I’m doing squats and deadlifts now and absolutely love it!

All that said, I’m extremely cautious when I do squats. This means I’m extremely focused and not just going through the motions. So I’m feeling every muscle fiber in my legs when I squats.

Front squats are something I haven’t done in forever. I stayed with light weight for these; 135 lbs. I’m sure I’ll quickly move up in the weeks to come but I want to make sure my form is solid before going up in weight.

I’ve said this in the prior two posts about this new linear progression strength and conditioning program; it’s hard to wrap my head around the giant sets, especially doing an exercise prior to something like squats. But I’m doing what Brian recommends in there video. The bottom line is this is one tough workout program and takes 100% mental focus!


Linear Progression Workout Video – Brian Alsruhe

As in the past two posts on my new workout program, I’m including Brian’s linear progression strength and conditioning YouTube video.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. This dude is a monster, jacked up, and strong.

Strength and Conditioning

This linear progression strength training program will absolutely get you into awesome condition with the giant sets. But Brian calls for an extra 10 minutes of conditioning at the end of your workout. I actually do a little martial arts training later that evening (I train with weights in the early mornings, as most of you know).

I included the kicks I do on the previous post for Day 2. I’ll increase my training as I go. And I do these kicking exercises three to four times a week.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a martial arts expert, I do not hold any belts and I’ve never had any formal training. I’ve had an interest in it throughout my life and I just started practicing different kicks several times a week earlier this year. Will II take this to the next level someday? Maybe, we’ll see!

I’m almost finished with the first week of this new linear progression strength training program. Today’s squats-focused workout was pretty awesome and I’m feeling it! Tomorrow’s focus will be on overhead press and shoulders. I may throw in a little chest and back at the end (which will be my modified version).

Train with Passion,


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