Day 4 – Shoulders and Pull-ups: Strength and Conditioning Workout

It’s Friday and this morning was my final workout of the week for this new linear progression strength and conditioning program. Today was based on shoulder exercises and pull-ups.

In theory, the goal of this workout is to build up your shoulder press. Now, you may be thinking ‘If you’re working on your shoulder press, why are you doing pull-ups?‘ This program has you doing an antagonist exercise prior to your main lift, which in this case is overhead barbell press (shoulder press, military press). This method ignites strength in your main lift. Sounds crazy, but it works.

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The linear progression strength and conditioning program I’m following is based on a YouTube video I ran across last week from Brian Alsruhe. He explains the full program in detail in the video (it’s posted further down this page). Now, I’m not following it to the letter. But I’m doing the core basics of this workout; I’m just modifying some parts of it to cater to what I think will work best for me.

Day 4 – Shoulders and Pull-ups

Phase 1 – Bench Press and Rows
Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Pull-ups 3 8 bodyweight
A Pull-ups 2 8 25
B Seated Overead Press 1 8 135
B Seated Overead Press 1 8 155
B Seated Overead Press 3 8 175
Phase 2 – Bench Press and Rows
Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Pull-ups 4 8 25
B Arnold Press 1 8 55
B Arnold Press 1 8 65
B Arnold Press 2 8 75
C Oblique Side Bends 4 8 45
Phase 3 – Bench Press and Rows
Sequence Exercise Sets Reps Weight
A Reverse Pec Dec 4 8 170
B Lateral Raises 4 8 35
C Sit-ups 4 8 bodyweight

*I’m doing all giant sets (as described in Brian’s video below); all exercises are done in sequence, hence A, B, C). 

Workout Details for Shoulder Day

I’m doing two types of presses here. The main lift is overhead shoulder press. I may start doing these standing up but today I did the seated version. I go back and forth on which one I should focus on. I’ll admit I’ve been known to be indecisive on some things!

The next pressing exercise was Arnold presses (modified version of seated dumbbell press). I love Arnold presses because, well, I love Arnold!! But seriously, it’s a great exercise to target and pump up those delts.

Although this workout focuses on shoulders, or more specifically shoulder press, there’s a big focus on weighted pull-ups. Pull-ups is an exercise I’ve been wanting to get better at so this fits in perfect for me. Doing weighted pull-ups prior to both shoulder exercises gave me nine total sets of pull-ups. Volume builds muscle.

I also prefer pull-ups over lat pulldowns. In fact, I haven’t done lat pulldowns since I’ve been doing pull-ups. I feel like pull-ups do more for your back development and overall strength.

At the end of my workout I finished with a round of isolated exercises. This involved rear delts, side delts, and sit-ups. This gave me a good pump.

Linear Progression Workout Video – Brian Alsruhe

In this series of blogs posts, I’ve been including Brian Alsruhe’s linear progression strength and conditioning YouTube video.  This is definitely worthy watching as he explains the program in detail. This is one of his personal workout programs he’s used to get stronger while getting into top condition. I think I might have a man-crush on this dude. He’s a beast!

Conditioning Workout Program

I’ve said this is my prior blogs; the workout itself is great for conditioning. The giant sets keep you moving throughout your workout. However, this program calls for 10 minutes of conditioning at the end of your workout.

I’ve been sticking to my martial arts training three to four times a week, and I normally do that in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends. This consists of a few rounds of several kicks. I expanded on my martial arts routine more in my post for Day 2.

I plan to stick with this linear progression strength and conditioning workout program for a while, at least until the end of the year. I’m in the phase where you do 4 sets x 8 reps for most everything. After four weeks, that changes to 5 x 5. And then you get into 10 x 3. I can imagine you’re lifting some pretty heavy weights on the 10 x 3 part of the program. And that’s the overall goal! To get strong!


Train with Passion,


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