Week 2 Day 4 – Shoulders and Pull-ups: Strength and Conditioning Workout

I just ended the 2nd week of my new strength and conditioning workout program. My quads are pretty sore from yesterdays squats on top of squats. So it’s a good thing that I didn’t do any type of lower body training today.

Today was geared towards shoulder presses and pull-ups. And this was a very abbreviated workout. I did that for two reason: 1) I’m beat up from this week’s workouts and 2) I slept in a little because I need to stay up for a death metal concert I’m going to tonight (Arch Enemy and Trivium in Orlando).

Shoulders and Pull-ups Workout

Phase 1

A – Pull-ups
B – Standing Shoulder Press

Phase 2

A – Pull-ups
B – Arnold Presses


*4 sets x 8 reps for everything; phases were done in A-B sequence, aka ‘supersets’

Workout Program for Getting Stronger

That’s what this strength and conditioning workout program is all about; getting stronger. One of the methods used for that is the concept of working the antagonistic muscles. In short, today was pull > push. You’ve probably heard of ‘push > pull’ but I like to start with a pull first. Back is a larger and more complex muscle group than chest.

There’s no greater feat of strength than lifting raw weight over your head. As much as we all love deadlifts, bench press, and squats, overhead barbell presses often don’t get their due attention. This is probably my least favorite exercise but that’s because it’s a weak area, so I need to bring it up.

For my dumbbell presses, I choose the Arnold press version. This is where you start with your wrist facing you and gradually twist them out away from you as you press the dumbbells over your head. You can’t do as much weight as a regular dumbbell press. But I use these to build the many different muscles within my shoulders which will ultimately help me on overhead presses with the barbell.

Pull-ups. I love pull-ups! I used to hate them and did not do them. But like I mentioned above, I wasn’t that great at them so I’m sure that had a lot of do with it. I’ve gotten better and I’m now doing weighted pull-ups. And I love integrated them in with the pull > push concept.

Train with Passion,


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