Best Supplement Stack for Mass

In this post, I’m going to share my best supplement stack for mass with you. These are the supplements I’m currently taking.

I’ll list each supplement, why I’m taking it, and the best place to buy. Are you ready to make some gains?

Supplements for Mass

I’m going to start by listing the supplements that are specific to gaining muscle mass. And there are two in particular.

The other supplements are one’s that I stay on almost year-round because they’re essential for muscle growth as well as overall health and performance.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

Why I take it – This is one of the most underrated supplements for mass gains. Yet it’s probably the most researched supplement in the history of bodybuilding supplements. Simply put, creatine monohydrate builds mass and strength.

How much and when – 5 grams pre workout, 5 grams post workout

Where to buy:

Gaspari Nutrition GlycoFuse

Why I take it – Great carb source for intra and post workout. This helps restore glycogen levels and will give you those extreme pumps. GlycoFuse contains Dextrin, which in layman’s terms grants you the good effects from carbs without the bad.

How much and when – 25 grams post workout

Where to buy:

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein

Why I take it – I personally rely on whey protein to provide my daily requirements. Whey is just pure protein so it’s easy to keep track of exactly how much protein you’re getting. Plus is mixes well with other ingredients for your smoothies and shakes.

How much and when – 40-50 grams per shake, 2-3 times per day (post workout being one of those times)

Where to buy:

Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Why I take it – One word: assurance. I know I’m getting my daily dose of vitamins and minerals with this stuff. And I notice my overall energy levels are up and I fight off sickness when I’m taking it.

How much and when – 1 Animal Pak in the morning with my post workout shake

Where to buy:

RedCon1 Total War Pre Workout

Why I take it – For this specific supplement stack for mass, I’m taking Total War for my pre workout. This is a solid pre workout. But I alternate my pre workout supplements every few weeks as my body gets used to the exact same formula.

How much and when – 1 serving prior to workout

Where to buy (similar to Total War):

Scivation Xtend BCAAs

Why I take it – Like my whey protein and Animal Pak, BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) are something I take on a regular basis around my workout. I’ve been taking Scivation Xtend for many years and I always tell a huge difference in my muscle energy and recovery.

How much and when – 1 serving during workout and 1 serving post workout

Where to buy:

Optimum Nutrition Fish Oil

Why I take it – Fish oil has a ton of heart-healthy benefits and it’s great for your joints.

How much and when – 2 per day, with morning and evening meals

Where to buy:

NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric

Why I take it – Curcumin turmeric is something I recently started taking. It supports healthy joints, which is essential when you’re lifting heavy and training for mass. There are many additional benefits to taking curcumin turmeric.

How much and when – 2 per day, with morning and evening meals

Where to buy:

There you have it, my current supplement stack for mass. I plan to stay on all of these supplements for three months.

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