4 Gauge Pre Workout

Explosive Power, Focus, & Pumps

4 Reasons Why I Take 4 Gauge

Raw Explosive Power

Impressive strength gains on core lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, and Bench Press. Go heavy, or go home!

Sustained Energy

Most pre workouts give you that surge of energy that quickly fades. 4 Gauge gives you sustainable energy through your entire workout. This means more set and more reps!

Extreme Metal Focus

With 4 Gauge, you’re able to attack your workouts with extreme focus. Unleash the beast!

'The Pump is Good'

You’ll get insane pumps with 4 Gauge. Look in the mirror and you’ll see a jacked up you! 

My Tips for Taking 4 Gauge

Make sure to train heavy doing the core compound exercises. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, bent over rows, etc. 4 Gauge will give you that explosive power to push more weight, week after week.

One scoop (one serving) of 4 Gauge is all you need. Take it 20-30 minutes before your workout and you’ll be able to pump out more sets and reps leading to extreme muscle gains.

Powerful Upper Body Workout for Strength and Hypertrophy

You’ll walk out of the gym pumped and jacked with 4 Gauge. Make sure you stretch good after your workouts and eat and get plenty of rest so that your muscles can grow. 

For my full 4 Gauge review and experience at TheMuscleProgram.com, click here: Jason’s 4 Gauge Review

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