8 Week Lean Muscle Workout Plan for Building Quality Muscle, Making 'Clean' Gains, and Dropping those LBs

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What You'll Get Inside the Lean Muscle Workout Plan

This is a step by step workout plan designed to help you make the most out of your time in the gym.


The workouts are the EXACT same workouts I’ve used over my many years of weight training, and I still use them today. 


Here’s what you’ll get:


  • The Workouts: Full 8 week weight training program with exercises, sets and reps. These workouts are designed to help you gain lean muscle. 


  • Conditioning: The right type of integrated cardio plan that will boost your metabolism and get you shredded. 


  • Tips and Techniques: I’ll show you ways you can  increase your intensity to maximize your time in  the gym. 


  • Rest and Recovery: Strategies you can use to help your muscles recover adequately and I’ll teach you why rest is so important for lean muscle gains. 


  • Nutrition Tips: Though this isn’t a diet book, I’ll help you develop a sensible meal plan, and will tell you which foods will help and kill your physique. 


  • Supplement Guide: I’ll show exactly what supplements to take that won’t break the bank (there’s only a few that you really need!). 


  • Post-program: Here’s where I tell you what to do after you complete the Lean Muscle Workout Plan to ensure you keep your gains and keep you on the gym path. 


There is absolutely no fluff in the Lean Muscle Workout Plan. It’s a 34 page eBook that simply gives you everything you need to start building lean muscle. 


It’s quite simple. Most of us that hit the gym want two things:


  1. More lean muscle
  2. Less body fat


There are a lot of programs out there but many overcomplicate the process. And you’ll find that most workout books contain pages and pages that say the same thing over. Not this program. The Lean Muscle Workout Plan is easy to understand and follow, and it’s to the point. 


Why I Created the Lean Muscle Workout Plan


My name is Jason Stallworth, a strength training and fitness enthusiast. I was a small, skinny kid that started lifting weights at the age of 15 (in 1990….wow, so long ago!). I was a true hardgainer and my results were extremely gradual. However, I stuck with it as I quickly developed a passion for the weights.


Weight training is something has been consistent in my life since the day I started. I’m just as excited about helping others reach their strength and physique goals as well. That’s the core reason I started TheMuscleProgram.


Train with Passion,


Jason Stallworth
Founder of TheMuscleProgram – Since 2010




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