2013 Mr. Olympia Predictions

Jason’s 2013 Mr. Olympia Predictions

Mr Olympia 2013 2 CompetitorsMost of you are aware that I don’t compete in bodybuilding; I’m just a normal dude who loves to train. But I admire those who do compete and I like to keep up with what’s going on in the world of bodybuilding. I’ve been a Mr. Olympia fan since the Arnold days. As with many folks that are into bodybuilding and weight training, Arnold was a huge influence of mine and one of the reasons I started training back then. Ever since I’ve kept up with the Mr. Olympia competitions throughout the years. Dorian Yates was the reigning Mr. Olympia during my young adult years of training so I was a big fan of Dorian as well.

I wanted to post my predictions of this year’s 2013 Mr. Olympia professional bodybuilding competition. But first let me say that these are just my opinions based on very limited knowledge, having only seen pictures of these guys online and in magazines. Every few months I pick up a Muscular Development magazine to keep up with what’s going on in bodybuilding, as well as to check out the well-written articles and seeing what new supplements are out there. My predictions are probably based more on the overviews of these champions in Muscular Development than any other source. So here’s my predictions of the top five in the 2013 Mr. Olympia.

5th Place 2013 Mr. Olympia – Evan Centopani

This dude has got the mass and condition. The only reason I’m not putting him further up on the list is that these other guys are veterans and simply have more muscle maturity going for them. Of course if he came out as the 2013 Mr. Olympia winner I wouldn’t be shocked at all. Being so young I think he still has some growing to do. I kind of see Evan Centopani as a younger Jay Cutler, fighting for first place and making substantial improvements year after year. Evan is obviously in it for the long haul. I believe the break he took to grow will be at his advantage.

4th Place 2013 Mr. Olympia – Dexter Jackson

I’m sure Dexter is planning on retiring soon. But despite his age he still has one of the most aesthetic physiques among bodybuilders. I know he doesn’t have the massive frame that a lot of these guys have but we have to remember bodybuilding is more than just being huge. I don’t think any one is as ripped and conditioned as Dexter Jackson. However, he is fighting against some massive competitors who are also conditioned. I’d personally like to see Dexter win the 2013 Olympia but I’m just not sure how likely that is. The competition is huge and ripped as well.

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3rd Place  2013 Mr. Olympia – Phil Heath

I know a lot of folks are banking of Phil Health winning this year’s Olympia, which would be his third consecutive win. But he’s got some very hungry competitors this year and they’re on a mission. When you’re in first place trying maintain your title, you’re not as hungry as those who have yet to taste that victory. None the less, Phil has proven that he can win and he does have an amazing physique with both mass and condition.

2nd Place 2013 Mr. Olympia – Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is coming back to win what could be his last Mr. Olympia competition. Obviously I have no clue if he plans on retiring but I’m sure the thought has crossed his mind, and I’m certain he wants to leave with victory. I realize Phil Heath has defeated him but Jay is coming back on a mission. I personally favor Jay because he’s such an awesome spokesperson and personality for the sport. Bodybuilding needs more people like Jay Cutler. He’s proven to be a true champion and I admire his dedication. For years he was nose to nose with Ronnie Coleman, and he stuck it out until he finally won the Olympia title.

1rst Place 2013 Mr. Olympia Title – Kai Greene

And the 2013 Mr. Olympia title goes to Kai Greene. Seriously, this dude is a monster but he also has the aesthetics and unlike many bodybuilders, he seems flexible and athletic (I’ve seen some of his crazy poses). The biggest reason for me reigning Kai as the 2013 Mr. Olympia stems from some of the videos I’ve seen of his. Kai doesn’t seem to live an overly comfortable lifestyle. He reminds me of a modern day Rocky in regards to the way he lives. It’s all about bodybuilding. He’s not glamorous or flashy. He’s just hardcore and Kai is hungry for this title. Kai is all heart and only wants one thing; the Mr. Olympia title.

Mr Olympia 2013 CompetitorsAgain, these are just my own personal predictions and my basis is limited to what I see in magazines (specifically Muscular Development’s October 2013 issue) and the little information that I read online. I’d really like to see the Texas Duo, Branch Warren and Johnnie Jackson climb the ranks. I know people knock Branch for symmetry but the dude is massive and conditioned with that grainy, dense look. Johnnie Jackson has that raw, powerful looking physique with traps that look like he’s bringing his two friends with him everywhere he goes. I’ve read that he’s brought up his legs in attempt to match his powerful upper body.

I’d also like to see Dennis Wolf place well. He’s got the potential to win but hasn’t quite nailed it. I could keep going down the list of other champions as there are more seasons veterans and some great new talent coming into the game. I saw pictures of the guy they call Big Ramy, and wow, this guy is going to be trouble soon!

Well, that’s my take on this year’s 2013 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition. One of these days I’m actually going to go to Vegas and see this event. I’ve been following bodybuilding for over two decades now and have a ton of respect for these guys. They train harder than anyone in any other sport. Although I don’t compete, weight training and bodybuilding has been one of my passions.

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