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Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training | Doberman Dan's ProgramDoberman Dan’s Hyper Growth Mass Training is an extensive weight training program designed to shock your muscles into new growth. So many of us hit the gym everyday but can often get stuck in a rut. Even if we’re training hard, eating the right foods and taking whatever supplements. There comes a point to where your muscles adapt and stop growing. Being creatures of habit, it’s difficult to accept a new training philosophy. But sometimes doing something you’ve never done is what it takes to break past your muscle building plateaus.

The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program uses what many many call old school weightlifting techniques. This goes back to what’s considered the Golden Era of bodybuilding when bodybuilders didn’t have the fancy equipment and extremely enhanced drugs. Men like Frank Zane, Larry Scott, and Vince Gironda set the stage for ripped conditional and ultra muscular physiques. They did this by working the muscle, not just throwing around some heavy weights.

Strong and Fat or Ripped and Skinny – Hyper Growth

How many times have you seen someone that’s super strong and can bench or squat massive amounts of weight, yet they don’t look muscular? There’s no striations or muscle definition. On the same token, you don’t want to look like a skinny fitness model either. Most of us want a shredded, yet strong and powerful looking physique. Doberman Dan’s Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training isn’t so much about strength training, although you will get stronger, as it is about building the muscle tissue. Heavy weights are indeed necessary for building a solid foundation for muscle mass but there are various techniques to build a physique that looks huge and ripped.

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Stimulating Maximum Muscle Growth – Hyper Growth Muscle

There’s an abundance of theories about how to maximize muscle growth in regards to training volume, heavy weights with low reps versus lighter weight with higher reps, how many sets and reps, training intensity, and so forth. The Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training system gives you the exact types of workouts, sets, and reps to stimulate growth and muscle hypertrophy. Most training programs fail to do this which is why so many reach a certain point with their physique and can’t seem to break through. This is why you see so many people in the gym that their bodies never change, month after month, year after year. Yet they still do the same exercises, same weightlifting routine, same cardio program.

The Pump is Good – Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training E-BookOne of the primary elements of Doberman Dan’s Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program is achieving the pump. Arnold Schwarzenegger swore by the pump in the 70’s documentary Pumping Iron. Many put too much emphasis on how much weight they can lift. They’re missing on maximum muscle gains. You had to pump blood into the muscle for your muscles to grow.

Don’t mistake going for the ultimate pump for being weak. You’ll still be strong and in fact get stronger. But the primary changes will be in your physique more so than just lifting a lot of weight. You’ll be focused more on the mind-muscle connection, muscle contractions, proper form, the negative portion of the reps, to build the muscle tissue.

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training includes:

> Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training

> Delicious Anabolic Protein Shakes

> Amazing Abs 101

> Hybrid Training Program

> 7 Fast Ways to Increase Your Bench

> Home Multi-Gym Plans

> Natural Anabolic Blast

As you can see if you get far more than just the Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training program. You get a ton of free helpful plans to help maximize your muscle gains and fat loss. One of the things I’ve always liked about workout program eBooks is that you only pay for it once, unlike the recurring cost of supplements. You have this wealth of knowledge on how to build muscle coming from an expert in the field, and who’s gone through all of the trial and error for you. So check out Doberman Dan’s Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training and start growing.

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