1600 Calorie Meal Plan

1600 Calorie Meal Plan Low Carbs to Get Lean and Lose Weight

This 1600 calorie meal plan is great if you’re wanting to lose weight while still maintaining high energy levels.

This is considered a low calorie diet plan so the focus is on making every calorie count in regards to boosting your metabolism to burn fat.

The overall goal is to give your body just enough calories to use for energy. The sample meal plan below should help you drop body fat and tone up.

Goals for this meal plan are:

  • Fast weight loss
  • Get lean and cut
  • Eliminate cravings for junk food
  • Competition prep

1600 Calorie Diet Meals

As with any low calorie diet plan for weight loss it’s best to gradually reduce your calorie intake each week if you’re currently eating an excessive amount of calories each day.

It’s not healthy to go from one extreme to another when it comes to your diet.

1600 Calorie Meal 1 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
1 Whole Eggs 80 7 0 5
5 Egg Whites 100 17 0 0
Oatmeal 100 4 19 2
Totals 280 28 19 7
1600 Calorie Meal 2 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Protein Powder – 1 scoop with water 120 22 4 2
Banana 121 1 31 0
Almonds – 1 serving 161 6 6 14
Totals 402 29 41 16
1600 Calorie Meal 3 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Lean Ground Beef – 7% fat – 4 ouces 170 23 0 8
Whole Wheat Pasta 210 7 41 1.5
Totals 380 30 41 9.5
1600 Calorie Meal 4 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Tuna – 1 can, 2.7 oz. 90 20 0 1
Apple 80 0 20 0
Natural Peanut Butter – 1 tablespoon 97 4 3 9
Totals 267 24 23 10
1600 Calorie Meal 5 Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Chicken Breast – 4 ounces 110 23 0 3
Sweet Potato 103 2 24 0
Veggies/Small Salad 50 1 10 1
Totals 263 26 34 4
Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Totals 1592 137 158 47

**Important: Depending on where you’re at you may want to drop 300-500 calories per week until you reach 1600 calories per day. The change should be gradual.

Steak with Asparagus

This nutrition plan will help you lose weight fast but will also provide your body with essential nutrients to maintain muscle, which in turn will help you burn fat quicker.

The protein is high while you’re getting low to moderate portions of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats in this 1600 calorie meal plan.

Here’s a video that talks more about this 1600 calorie a day meal plan:

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Toned Muscle with No Body Fat

Jason Stallworth in the kitchen - 1600 Calorie DietThis 1600 calorie diet plan should grant you enough energy to enhance your workout intensity as well. You want your workout and diet to compliment one another and work together for the best results.

If you do one without the other, you’ll be spinning your wheels and won’t achieve the fat loss results you’re looking for. You’ll want to add in some resistance training as well as cardio training with this 1600 calorie diet plan.

This low calorie meal plan is also packed with nutrients your body needs to burn fat and recover from training. You’ll notice you’re eating five small meals each day which should keep your metabolism high.

These foods will also provide essential vitamins and minerals as it’s an overall healthy diet. Try this 1600 calorie meal plan if you’re looking to lose weight fast and burn excess fat.

Train (and eat) with Passion,


1600 calorie diet plan for weight loss

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