2nd Post Workout Meal – Grits & Eggs

Jason’s 2nd Post Workout Meal – Grits & Eggs

You’re probably already aware of the anabolic window of time right after your workout to get the proper nutrients in your body so your muscles can recover and grow. If you’re like me, you slam down a high protein and high carb shake as soon as you get home from the gym. I usually have a couple of scoops of whey protein mixed with milk, fruit, and natural peanut butter. But I also like to have a high calorie meal about an hour after my post workout shake. I call this my 2nd Post Workout Meal.

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This 2nd post workout meal I’m sharing with you is perfect if you train in the early mornings and crave breakfast food at that time. And it’s very quick and easy to make; grits and eggs. This is also a very high calorie meal (just under 800 calories if you drink orange juice with it). I’ll usually have OJ with this meal on my leg workout and back workout days. I also must add that whole eggs is considered a super food for many bodybuilders and weight trainers.

Grits and Eggs

Grits & Eggs Meal – Ingredients

4 Whole Extra Large Eggs (because everything we do has to be XL!)

2 packets of grits

Olive Oil

Orange Juice

The first thing I do is pour olive oil in the pan and turn the stove burner on almost half-way (medium heat, about 4). While the stove is heating up I crack four whole eggs into a glass and stir them up really well with a fork (fork works better than a spoon to break up the egg yolks). Sometimes I may add just a little milk to my eggs as it makes the texture better and cooks a little easier.

After I stir up my eggs and pour them onto the heated pan with olive oil, I dump two packets of grits (Quaker Instant Grits) into a bowl and add some water. I heat the grits in the microwave for about one minute and stir them immediately after. Once my eggs are cooked the way I want them I dump in the bowl on top of my grits and stir it all together. I then pour myself a glass of OJ (or water) and my 2nd post workout meal is done!

If you train in the evenings, or any time other than early mornings you may not want grits and eggs (although I love breakfast food at night too). Something like a steak with a sweet potato, or rice and veggies would work just as well. The take away message here is to try to get in a whole food meal as your second post workout meal about an hour after your post workout shake. In my opinion, this adds more fuel to the muscle recovery and growth process.

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Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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