Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Your pre and post workout meals are the most important meals (though this certainly does not mean you should neglect the quality of all other meals). Your pre workout meal is your fuel source, so if you’re going for an intense training session it’s important that you get plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates.

Your post workout meal is equally important for building muscle and starting the recovery process. You need a lot of protein and both complex and simple carbohydrates immediately after your workout.

One of the best and probably most convenient ways of getting proper pre and post workout nutrition is with protein shakes. You can throw some whey protein, milk or water, banana, oatmeal and many other ingredients in a blender and have a full meal with plenty of protein and nutrients.

Don’t get me wrong; nothing beats whole foods for the purest and healthiest means of nutrition. But for these specific times, pre workout and post workout (especially post workout as this is the most crucial time that your body needs certain nutrients) can be more convenient.

Pre & Post Workout Shakes

Pre Workout Shake

25 grams of whey protein
1 serving of oatmeal
1 banana
10 ounces of water

Post Workout Shake

40 grams of whey protein
1 banana
1 teaspoon if peanut butter
1 teaspoon of honey
12 ounces of milk

Jason’s Post Workout Shake Video



ASR Invincible Pre Workout

Pre & Post Workout Meals

Pre Workout Meal

3 whole eggs
1 serving of oatmeal
2 slices of toast with butter

Post Workout Meal

6-10 ounce steak
1 serving of rice
1 sweet potato
cup of veggies

Pre and Post Workout Supplements

There are also certain supplements you need for your pre and post workout times. Nutrition (food) is the number one key element that your body is screaming for after an intense workout (food is needed for energy to sustain you during your workout so this goes for pre workout as well) and there’s no substitution for the nutrients food, or protein shakes will provide.

So to be clear, that needs to be your first priority over supplements. However, pre and post workout supplements can certainly have a positive impact on helping you put on some serious muscle. You can read more about pre and post workout supplements and supplements in general here: Supplements

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