4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

4 Gauge Preworkout reviewIf you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’ve tried a ton of preworkout supplements.

I love them. And waking up at 4:15AM to train, I’m not ashamed to admit I depend on them.

I want to share my 4 Gauge review. This is a new preworkout with 4 areas of focus.

Before I get into my personal experience, I’ll provide a brief overview.

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What Exactly is 4 Gauge?

4 Gauge is a pre workout supplement that focuses on providing smooth, clean energy. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from 4 Gauge pre workout:

  • Ability to push harder in the gym
  • Skin-bursting pumps and size during workouts
  • Increased focus with no crash
  • No artificial sweeteners

The name 4 Gauge comes from its 4-in-1 formula. These include strength, focus, energy and pumps. Now let’s get into my experience with this preworkout supplement, which I will touch on all 4 aspects.

My 4 Gauge Review

I was excited to try 4 Gauge because I had been taking another preworkout supplement that wasn’t working too well for me. I remember getting 4 Gauge in the mail and waking up a little earlier the next morning to try it. If I’m not mistaken, it was chest day.

I’ll break down my 4 Gauge review by dosage followed by the four areas of concentration for this pre workout supplement.

My Dose of 4 Gauge Pre Workout

I typically follow the label the first time taking new preworkout. In this case, 1 serving is 2 scoops, so that’s what I did. As always, I mixed this with a glass of water.

With most pre workout supplements, I end up doubling, sometimes tripling, the dose after a few days. After a week of taking 4 Gauge, I started doing rounded scoops. So that’s about 1.5 servings. How much I take depends on how I feel that morning. It varies.

4 Gauge Energy

My drive to the gym is about 15 minutes and I didn’t feel much happening on the way there. In fact, I really didn’t feel 4 Gauge kick in until I started on my working sets.

During that first working set, I could feel the energy starting to kick in. It seemed that my sustainable energy progressively increased throughout my workout. I feel like 4 Gauge delivers smooth energy to your system. And the effect is pretty consistent. But if you’re expecting a huge jolt or surge of energy, you may be disappointed.

4 Gauge Strength

The ability to train harder equates to an increase in strength. My strength gains were not substantial, but progressive throughout taking 4 Gauge pre workout.

I was also able to train longer, pumping out more sets and reps. And I didn’t get fatigued as quickly as I normally do. Those of you who follow my blog posts know I’m a big fan of high volume training. 4 Gauge preworkout is perfect for that.

4 Gauge Pumps

I attained decent pumps with 4 Gauge pre workout. I’ll be truthful; I’ve taken preworkout supplements that have given me better pumps. But I can’t completely discredit 4 Gauge in this area.

Whereas the pumps weren’t exactly skin-bursting, I did have that blown-up effect. I looked bigger and could see my muscles expanding more so than with some other preworkout supplements I’ve taken in the past. So I could say the 4 Gauge pumps are above average.

Here’s a pic I too right after training arms using 4 Gauge:

4 Gauge best preworkout for pumps

4 Gauge Mental Focus

Most preworkouts these days include ingredients to enhance your mental focus. But most of them aren’t that effective.

This is a major strength with 4 Gauge preworkout. My mind is extremely clear and I have razor-sharp focus. I notice that my ability to maintain that mind-muscle connection is enhanced far more than with other preworkout supplements.

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4 Gauge Preworkout Ingredients

Now let’s talk a little about the 4 Gauge label. I’d like to go in depth with some of the ingredients. It’s important to know what we’re putting into our bodies.

L-Citrulline DI-Malate

Citrulline DI Malate has been said to be the next big thing since creatine. However, from my experience it does very little on it’s own. It does seem to grant results when combined with certain ingredients (it’s listed in many BCAA supplement labels).

Creatine Monohydrate

I love when supplement contain any form of creatine. Creatine is the most studied ingredient and has stood the test of time in the bodybuilding supplement world. However, I wish 4 Gauge would increase the dose of creatine monohydrate (it only contains 1,000 mg; 5 full grams would be ideal).

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine is part of the energy boosting formula in 4 Gauge. It’s an amino acid that helps your body produce energy. It’s also proven to increase mental focus and has been used on Alzheimer patience and those suffering from memory loss.

Red Beat Root Extract

This ingredient is part of the energy boosting effects in 4 Gauge pre workout. Red beat root extract can also help increase blood flow and is secondary to nitric oxide.

Coconut Water Powder

Coconut water will help keep you hydrated as it provides electrolytes. This may be beneficial if you’re doing high volume workouts or extremely intense workouts.


L-Theanine is an amino acid used to enhance focus and concentration. This is a very common ingredient in modern preworkout supplements.

Caffeine Anhydrous

This is the purest and most effective form of caffeine for energy. The modest dose of caffeine anhydrous in 4 Gauge proves that smooth energy without any crash. It’s just enough but not too much.

Rhodiola Rosea

Along with reducing stress, Rhodiola Rosea is also used for enhancing mental performance. This is part of the mental focus part of 4 Gauge pre workout.

* You can read more about the ingredients here

4 Gauge preworkout for pumps

4 GaugeReview: Final Thoughts

Mental focus and concentration are an important part of getting the best workouts. During my 4 Gauge review, I found that it does a pretty good job at that. However, I expected a little more in regards to energy boost.

Is 4 Gauge my favorite pre workout? I don’t have a favorite. Pre workout supplements are something that I switch up often. I think your body gets used to the same ingredients and even the best of pre workout supplements lose their effectiveness over time.

I take it when I want that smooth and sustainable energy, which is what I prefer most of the time. But if it’s one of those days where I feel I need more of a boost or surge or energy, I’ll take something else or double the dose of 4 Gauge.

Train with Passion,


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