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One of the latest trends in bodybuilding supplements, specifically pre workout supplements, is concentrated (and ultra concentrated) preworkout blends. The idea with concentrated formulas is to take more potent versions of these substances enhancing mental focus, energy, and pumps in the gym. Universal came out with their ultra concentrated Animal Rage in early 2011, a couple years after concentrated blends became popular.

Having tried a few concentrated blends I didn’t find any substantial difference than what I felt with the regular pre workout formulas I had taken. But I was anxious to try Animal Rage mainly because of Universal’s reputation and hardcore following. Plus, much of what I take is Universal and Animal supplements (no, I’m not a rep at the time of writing this but if they ever asked me to be, I’d jump on it).

My Use/Dosage of Animal Rage

I started out taking 1 scoop of Rage but after a couple of weeks started doing rounded scoops, up to a scoop and a half. I’ve discussed dosages with a few Animal reps in forums and most of them recommend one scoop.

This is a good thing because the 44 servings are a true 44 servings (or at least 30, give or take, in my case) unlike most other pre workout products that say use 2-3 scoops. I only take Rage on my training days, which means I do not take Rage on the weekends (or any pre workout supplement for that matter).

My Experience with Animal Rage

Animal Rage Pre Workout | Universal Nutrition SupplementsIt’s important to note that I train early mornings; I wake up around 4:40AM and I’m on my first set by 5AM. That being said, I don’t take in a full meal when I wake up but I do need something in my stomach even if it’s just a scoop of whey protein. The dilemma is that most pre workout supplements, especially concentrated formulas recommend taking them on an empty stomach. So I would drink my scoop of whey upon waking and about 5 minutes later I’d take Rage. I also tried taking Rage immediately after the scoop of whey and didn’t notice any difference.

I also don’t feel the 1 scoop of whey weakens the affects of Rage (my only explanation for this is that since I’m coming from a 7 hour fast my body is quickly utilizing the whey). I later started taking Rage on its own without the scoop of whey and followed that with aminos acids during my workout (EAA Stack from Universal).

Pros: Animal Rage will definitely get you going and it does grant you the mental focus as well (in other words it’s not just a caffeine rush). I don’t crash on this stuff either. I get sustainable energy throughout my workout and it seems to ‘work’ every time I take it. I’ve taken other pre workout formulas where they’d work for a few days but then had no affect after that. You can’t beat the price per serving either.

Cons: If I could change anything about Animal Rage it would be to add an amino acid blend, BCCAs or EAAs, or some sort of whey/casein isolate blend.

Universal Animal Rage Review Conclusion

As with all my reviews I’m not going to go through the label as you can easily find that online. I’m simply going to share my experience with this product. You have 2 options with Rage; you can get it in 44 packs which many Animal products are known for (packs), or you can get the powder which contains 44 servings. From what I’ve read in forums the powder is the way to go and that’s what I bought (so this review is on the powdered version of Animal Rage even though the packs have the same ingredients; I’m guessing the powdered version hits you faster).

I’ve been taking Animal Rage off and on for a while now. I plan to try Universal’s Shock Therapy when I run out of Rage. Will I take Animal Rage again? I’m sure that I will but to be honest I personally like to play around with pre workout supplements, trying new ones as they come out. Part of that reason is because I feel like no matter how great a pre workout product works for you, your body eventually gets used to it and it sort of loses it’s effect, or at least the potency, so to speak. That being said I actually like to keep 2 different pre workouts onboard at all times and switch them up every couple of weeks.

However, there are some pre workouts I tend to go back to more than others (and there are many products I’ll try and never go back to); I see Rage being one of those I’ll go back too often. I’ve always gotten solid results from most Universal/Animal supplements.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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