Animal Test Review

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This Animal Test review is based on a full 6 week cycle. The first time I experienced Animal Test was a few years prior to writing this review and I only took it for 3 weeks. Most Universal Nutrition Animal reps suggest doing a full 6 weeks, which is two canisters of Animal Test.

Universal Nutrition Animal Test

Animal Test is a hypertrophic testosterone support stack supplement. Animal Test claims to enhance testosterone legally and promote a healthy estrogen balance. The label consist of a Pro-Androgen Complex of 2500 mg and a Hypertrophic Response Complex of 1500 mg.

The pro-androgen complex contains urtica dioica, cissus quadrangularis, polygonum cuspidatum, agaricus bisporus, 3′, 5,  7-trihydroxy-4; methoxyflavone, and yohimbe bark extract. The hypertrophic response complex is made up of arachidonic acid, 6, 7-dihydroxyberganottin, and bioperine.

My Animal Test Review & Experience

The label for Animal Test suggests take a pack once a day before your workout with a meal and on off days take it at any time with a meal. I had to deviate from this a little and I also went to the Animal Forums for advice (these guys are extremely helpful).

I train first thing in the morning and am on my first set at about 5AM. I usually take a pre workout product and sometimes I’ll take a scoop of whey protein powder then I’m out the door. So being that I don’t get a full meal in before my workout I took 1 pack of Animal Test with my dinner each night.

315 Incline Bench on Animal Test

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6-Week Animal Test Review

Here are a few notes I wrote out on my final day from my Animal Test review:

♦ I was weighing between 224 and 226 lbs before I started taking Animal Test. I was 231 lbs at the end of the 6 week cycle and had been fluctuating between 227 and 230 for about 3 weeks prior to that. I was indeed taking in more calories but I was also a lot tighter and my muscles were fuller than usual.

♦ I didn’t experience any substantial gains in size and strength but I did make noticeable gains in both areas (in other words I didn’t come out looking like I did a cycle of real test and dbol).

♦ It seems a lot of the joint pains I was having had been eliminated. I’m guessing this had something to do with the Cissus Quadrangularis extract in Animal Test or the fish oil I had recently started taking, or more than likely a combination of both.

♦ I’m generally a positive person anyway but it’s worth noting that I had a better sense of well-being which seems obviously attributed to higher testosterone levels.

♦ I didn’t experience any negative side effects (which I didn’t expect too).

♦ By the end of week 2 is when I started really noticing the effects of Animal Test; so if you try this, give it some time. Every week thereafter I got stronger and noticed more fullness and striations. I actually think I’ll do a 9 week cycle next time.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, I had taken Animal Test for a 3 week cycle a few years prior to taking it for a full 6 weeks. Where as I noticed strength gains towards the end of the 3 weeks those gains were not as substantial as taking Animal Test for a full 6 weeks.

Animal Test Review Pros:

Although my gains were not outrageous I feel Animal Test indeed works if you’re training hard and getting enough quality calories. I didn’t change my nutrition plan other than the fact I are more food while being on Animal Test yet noticed more muscle fullness. It seems I was burning fat while on this as well.

Animal Test Review Cons:

Two things here; the price and the fact that you only get 3 weeks’ worth. Most people try to budget monthly. If Animal Test came with 30 packs instead of 21, and for the same price, I’d be happy.

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Animal Test Review Conclusion

Will I take Animal Test again? I’m almost certain that I will but will probably stay on it for 9 weeks instead of 6. I’ve recommended it to some others as well but many are detoured by the price and we all know most over the counter supplements in this category simply don’t work and are a waste of money. In fact, remembering back, the price is what hindered me from purchasing another can 5-6 years ago.

The bottom line in my Animal Test review is that it works. But I must stress that you need to be training hard and consistently, and getting enough quality nutrients. I started Animal Stak right after Animal Test and already planning to jump back on Animal Test soon.

On a separate note (and I’m not at this time a Universal rep or rep for any supplement company) I do use Universal and their Animal line for the majority of my supplements. The company has been around since 1977 and has always carried a solid reputation and consistent following.

Train with Passion,