ENGN Review

The bodybuilding supplement industry is saturated with pre-workout supplements and there’s a good reason for that. You can feel pre-workout supplements immediately and people are getting massive pumps, power, and sustained energy bursts from pre-workout supplements. There’s a new pre-workout on the scene I’d like to share with you called ENGN from EVLUTION (EVL) NUTRITION.

EVLUTION (EVL) NUTRITION ENGN is advertised as a pre-workout engine. The benefits of taking ENGN are intense energy, maximized focus, amplified pumps, and explosive power. This product contains ingredients that are would make it an elite supplement. Let’s dig in and see what ENGN is all about.

My Use/Dosage of EVL ENGN

The label instructs you to take one to two scoops of ENGN 15-30 minutes before you workout. As with most pre-workout supplements, it also suggests you start out with one serving. I normally have to take two servings of whatever pre-workout supplement I’m on but I took just under 1.5 servings (one rounded scoop) of ENGN before my workouts for the entire time I was taking ENGN. I’m fairly immune to stimulants but my rounded scoop of ENGN gave me what I was looking for, and with consistency.

My Experience with ENGN Pre-Workout

EVL ENGN Pre-Workout Review

I’ll admit I didn’t expect much for ENGN pre-workout by EVLUTION NUTRITION. It’s a brand new pre-workout supplement on the market among many, and a brand new supplement company. To say the least, I was surprised with my results. The key factor for me in a pre-workout supplement is sustainable muscle energy throughout my workouts. Simply put, I want to be able to push out more sets and reps. I was able to do just that taking ENGN before training.

The greatest effects I noticed from ENGN pre-workout were the sustainable energy and my increased power. I didn’t mentioned the power section in the video, which I should have done because this has a tremendous impact on tearing the muscle down even more. More resistance equals greater strength increases, and that leads to overloading the muscle which leads to muscle growth, given that you’re taking in the right foods and nutrients to recover. That being said, I consider EVLUTION NUTRITION’s ENGN to be one of the elite muscle building pre-workout supplements.

Another point I’d like to make about ENGN pre-workout, and this is probably the most important point, is it’s consistency. At the time writing my ENGN pre-workout review I’ve been taking it for about three weeks. My results, energy levels, and pumps have been consistent every workout this entire time. If you’ve been keeping up my articles, videos, and posts, you know I normally keep two pre-workout supplements on deck and switch them out every few days. This is a good practice in general but I wanted to continue taking EVL ENGN until I no longer got the same effects; that hasn’t happened. Also there’s no crash, no upset stomach, and no jittery feeling with taking ENGN.

Pros: Consistent every workout, sustainable energy throughout workouts, enhanced power output, able to pump out more sets and reps, contains proven muscle building ingredients, no crash, no upset stomach, no jitters, the ingredients seem to be pure and of high quality.

Cons: Nada!

I mentioned the ingredients above which is something I normally don’t spend a lot of time on. But I’d like to point out a few key ingredients in ENGN that I prefer in a pre-workout supplement. For starters, there’s a blend of Creatine HCI and Creatine Monohydrate. I’ve always responded well to creatine, especially a blend of creatines. I can also tell the creatine ENGN uses is pure as I don’t have any stomach problems from it. Beta Alanine is another key ingredient in EVL ENGN as well as it’s B vitamin complex (B12 and B6).

ENGN from EVLUTION NUTRITION has been added to my trusted ‘go-to’ list of supplements. It’s a pre-workout I know I can count on on won’t fail me. Most of you know I train in the wee-hours of the morning (4:45AM) and I’ve come to rely on solid pre-workout supplements. I’ve had good one’s, bad one’s, and only a hand full of great ones. ENGN is one of the greats for me.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth