GH Max Review

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There’s an array of over the counter supplements that claim to boost natural growth hormone levels on the market. And if you’ve studied the benefits of increasing GH levels then you know it’s the next best thing to the fountain of youth.

The problem is there’s really no magic pill that’s going to work like injecting human growth hormone. However, there are some supplements out there that can indeed help enhance growth hormone naturally.

What is in GH Max?

Universal Nutrition GH Max is advertised to support natural human growth hormone levels, is anti-catabolic, increases nitrogen retention, and enhances protein synthesis. Another major benefit is better quality sleep.

GH Max contains vitamin C and B6, arginine, ornithine, beta-sitosterol, carnitine, gamma oryzanol, and boron. I’ve done a little research on some of these ingredients and they seem to be effective for creating an environment for increased growth hormone levels.

My Use/Dosage of GH Max

The label states to take six tablets per day; four before you workout and two before bed, both on an empty stomach. My purpose for trying this product was to take something that would help boost my natural growth hormone levels at the time they’re more likely to be boosted; while sleeping. So at first, I took all six tablets of GH Max at night before bed, about 30 minutes after my night time protein shake. After about three weeks I decided to take four tablets instead of six to see if the results I was seeing would change. I slept better taking six. I’m actually now back to taking 6 tablets of Universal GH Max before bed but plan on taking weekends off, so it will be five days on, two days off.

My Experience with GH Max

GH Max Universal NutritionI’ve never been a huge fan of supplements that claim to naturally raise testosterone and growth hormone levels. Why? Well, most of what I’ve tried in the past turned out to be a complete waste of money. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences with such supplements. I say this only to point out that I was looking for something to take before bed that would help me sleep better/deeper as that’s the time when natural growth hormone levels are indeed elevated. However, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a sleep aid. I wanted to try something that had ingredients that are scientifically proven to naturally raise growth hormone. I figured if I could find something that would put me into a deeper sleep plus had ingredients that raised GH levels, well, that’s a double whammy.

I can’t honestly attest to any increase in my own growth hormone levels because I did not get my GH levels tested before or after taking GH Max. Other than those that do tested studies for supplement companies I don’t personally know anyone who’s ever gotten their GH levels checked. What I can attest to is that I fall asleep faster, sleep deeper (including some weird dreams), and I wake up more refreshed since I’ve been using Universal’s GH Max. That alone tells me there’s a good chance that my natural level of growth hormone is being elevated. If nothing else, my workouts are more intense and I feel better throughout the day from getting better quality sleep, which is the overall goal.

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GH Max Pros and Cons

Pros: Better quality sleep, deeper sleep and waking up feeling rested and refreshed…not to mention all the benefits that come along with better sleep (better workouts, enhanced sense of well-being, overall health benefits, etc.) Also, you’ll find GH Max quite affordable compared to most bodybuilding supplements in general.

Cons: I do wish GH Max contained the ZMA formula and perhaps Valerian Root or Melatonin. It seems these would make GH Max complete.

GH Max Review – Final Thoughts

This is one of those supplements that I may take off and on throughout the year. It’s not a staple in my supplement regimen (though at the time of writing this review I just put in another order for GH Max; should be here tomorrow).

I tend to go through phases where I’ll throw in extra supplements and other times when I’ll just stick to the basics (protein, pre/post workout supplements, vitamins). I do prefer to continuously take something that helps enhance testosterone and/or growth hormone. Again, I cannot provide a before and after readout of my growth hormone levels but getting deeper sleep is enough for me.

Taking something that grants you quality sleep may not sound too exciting but the numerous benefits, including better workouts that come along with that was my sole focus and GH Max seems to deliver. And again, GH Max is fairly inexpensive especially if you do 5 on, 2 off like I’m doing. A good supplement to stack this with from Universal Nutrition is Animal Test.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth