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Muscle growth is fairly simple and there’s only a few high level components to be successful. You have to eat to grow, train with intensity, and rest. That last part is one of the things many fall short on. Many of don’t get enough restful sleep. Sleep aids aren’t something I typically have in my supplement regimen until I tried Hibern8 from Nutrex.

Nutrex HIBERN8 is considered a sleep aid that helps you get restful sleep so that your muscles can recover and grow. I’ve only taken a few sleep aids in my life. I’m certainly not opposed to them as long as they don’t make you groggy the next day (like NyQuil). I train in the early mornings so I need to wake up feeling rested and ready to go.


My Use/Dosage of HIBERN8

The Hibern8 label recommends starting out with 1 capsule before going to bed. From there you can increase the dosage (3 capsules equate to 1 serving). I’ve found that I get great results from 2 capsules. Also, I generally only take Hibern8 on nights before I train.

My Experience with HIBERN8

From the first night I slept like a baby on this stuff. I usually have a protein shake about 30 minutes before I go to bed (no milk, just protein powder) so I’ll take my 2 capsules of Hibern8 just before bed. A huge benefit for me is I don’t wake up to pee in the middle of the night (if anything, just once).

I’m not going to be unrealistic and say I wake up at 4:30AM happy-go-lucky. But I do feel rejuvenated and ready for the day. I’ve noticed my workouts are a lot better and more intense. I also feel I’m recovering faster, or at least recovering properly on Hibern8 with the restful sleep.

Outrage Hibern8 – Pros:

> Restful sleep
> Enhanced recovery
> Less than 1 serving works
> Doesn’t lose potency over time
> Better workouts (from the deeper sleep)

Outrage Hibern8 – Cons:

> No complaints

Final Thoughts – Nutrex HIBERN8

I try my best to keep my supplement stack simple. I have a few basics like protein powder, aminos, pre workout, and a multi. I may try a fat burner or testosterone booster from time to time as well. Hibern8 was actually given to me to try and now I’m pretty much hooked. I sleep ok without it but with it, I get the deeper and restful sleep my body needs to grow. It’s all about recovery.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


Supplements June 2015

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