Optimum ZMA Review

Jason’s Review of ZMA | Optimum Nutrition

ZMA Highlights:

> Perfect ratio of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6

> Naturally supports healthy testosterone levels

> Supports lean muscle growth and recovery

With the constant pressure on supplement companies to develop cutting edge supplements that are backed by science, and the hype of advertising that comes with it, many of the old-school supplements are often forgotten. Granted, there are some extremely effective new supplements and formulas out there for building muscle, burning fat, and increasing testosterone. However, many of the newer supplements that are truly effective are based on ingredients that have been around and have been proven to produce results. ZMA is one of those supplements.

The ZMA formula was developed by Victor Conte, founder of the famous sports nutrition center BALCO. Most experts agree that we may have a deficiency in zinc and magnesium and these minerals along with combination of vitamin B-6 are essential for muscle growth and recovery. Many studies show that ZMA increase testosterone levels and IGF-1 levels which can lead to greater strength and muscle gains. I’ve tried a small hand full of ZMA supplements in the past but for some reason it’s been a few years since I’ve taken ZMA. I’m not sure what sparked my interest in ZMA all of a sudden but I decided to order a bottle of Optimum Nutrition ZMA.

My Use/Dosage of Optimum Nutrition ZMA

The label says men should take 3 capsules before bed on an empty stomach so I’ve been doing just that (women are to take 2 capsules). Like most of us weightlifters and bodybuilders I have a protein shake as my last meal of the day so I take my ZMA about 30 minutes or so after my shake. I’ve never tried mega-dosing ZMA so I cannot say if that produces more or faster results.

My Experience with O.N. ZMA

I cannot attest to any superior increase in testosterone levels but I can say that since I’ve been taking O.N. ZMA I feel better overall, my strength has gone up, and I’ve been sleeping a lot better (not to mention weird and vivid dreams while taking ZMA). Most of you know that deep and restful sleep is extremely important for building muscle. I’ve read mixed reviews on this but I’m going off my own personal experience. I also mentioned my strength has slightly increased. I have to give credit to the ZMA for this because I’ve actually been eating fewer calories since I’ve been taking ZMA. Normally fewer calories leads to a decrease in strength.

Pros: The ZMA formula is definitely effective at increasing strength and for me ZMA has also equated to better, more restful sleep. Optimum Nutrition ZMA is relatively inexpensive.

Cons: Don’t expect substantial muscle or strength gains.

ZMA should not be considered a miracle muscle building supplement. In other words don’t expect to blow up in 2 weeks by taking ZMA. However, if you’re training hard and your nutrition is in tact you will more than likely benefit from adding ZMA to your supplement regimen. There are also some supplement formulas that contain ZMA along with other ingredients that are said to compliment the effects of ZMA. I’ve yet to try any of those but I may try something like Universal’s Animal PM in the future. For now, I’m satisfied with Optimum Nutrition ZMA and I’m about to order my 2nd bottle.

Lastly, Optimum Nutrition has been around for a while and seems to be a reputable brand. Try it out; you really can’t go wrong with O.N. ZMA.

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