Theatrim Review

I’ll admit I’m a bit biased to Purus Labs. I’ve tried several of their products and have never been disappointed. Their ingredients are some of the purest in the supplement industry and you’ll find all of their supplements are effectively dosed.

I’ve never been a huge fan of fat burners in general so you won’t find a ton of fat burner reviews on my site. But there are a small handful that I’ve found to be extremely effective. Purus Labs Theatrim has proven to be worthy of that category for me.

Theatrim is labeled as an extreme energizer. It’s said to ‘increase energy and endurance through psychological excitation.’ It also has an enhanced thermogenic effect allowing your body to burn fat more efficiently. Let’s get to my Theatrim review to see my own results.

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My Use/Dosage of Theatrim

The label for Purus Labs Theatrim instructs you to take one to two capsule once to twice per day. This wide range is based on tolerance and you should always start with the minimum. I never took more than two per day. When I took it before workouts I would take two, and that would be the only time that day I would take Theatrim. Other times I only took one first thing in the morning.

My Experience with Theatrim

Purus Labs Theatrim ReviewThe first thing I will say about Purus Labs Theatrim is it’s a ‘feel good’ supplement. Yes I got the extreme energy boosts but this also acts as a mood enhancer. There’s no crash and the energy is sustaining, lasting most of the day if you just take a dose in the morning.

I also noticed a change in my body composition and muscle definition. These results were not extreme by any means but that’s more on me as I was not on a strict diet. My endurance and stamina were also increased.

It’s important to note that I was not taking Theatrim as a fat burner. I was taking as an energy booster. I wanted to take a break from preworkout supplements for a little while but I still needed the extreme energy since I train in the early mornings. Theatrim actually worked pretty good for that. However, I’m an addict to preworkouts to I eventually got back on them. So I then started using Theatrim as a weekend energy booster on my non-training days. This is when I really felt the enhanced mood effects,.

Theatrim Review – Pros:

> Extreme energy
> Long lasting sustainable energy
> ‘Feel good’ supplement
> Enhanced mood
> Muscle definition and better body composition
> Minimum dose works well

Theatrim Review – Cons:

> No complaints

Final Thoughts – Purus Labs Theatrim

As I stated above, I’m a big fan of Purus Labs supplements in general. You can tell a tremendous when you’re taking something that’s pure and effectively dosed as opposed to something that’s not. Theatrim is definitely a fat burner and energy booster you will feel and experience the heightened mood.

I’m sure had I been dieting, such as a competition type diet, I would have experience more of the fat burning effects. But even with me not changing my diet at all, I still experienced some rips and cuts. Purus Labs Theatrim is certainly worth checking out.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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