Uni-Liver Review

This is a no-frills often forgotten old school supplement yet remains a staple for many bodybuilders and weightlifters. Universal Uni-Liver is an Argentine liver formula containing 30 grain desiccated liver rich in nutrients and essential amino acids. Uni-Liver is said to be pure as it’s a natural product that comes from grass-fed Argentinean cattle raised with no steroids, pesticides, or hormones. Another important fact to note is that Uni-Liver is flash frozen which allows the supplements to remain at its peak of perfection locking in nutrients.

Uni Liver (or desiccated liver in general) provides a quality source of heme iron, high quality protein, and rich in vitamins A, C, D, and B vitamins. Some of the primary benefits of desiccated liver include increased strength and endurance, helps eliminate fatigue and stress, improved recovery time and builds/repairs body tissue, contributes to bone health, and protects your liver among several other benefits – all of which are of vital importance to those of us who pound the weights.

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My Use/Dosage of Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver

The label on Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver says to take 1 serving (2 tablets) which each meal. It also states that you can gradually start taking up 4-6 tablets with each meal. I stayed at 2 tablets throughout the entire jug of Uni-Liver taking them with most every meal; about 6 times a day. I did not take Uni-Liver during the same meal that I took Universal Animal Pak with.

My Experience with Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver

Pros: This is one of the most inexpensive yet effective supplements that you can add to your supplement pile (in fact you could probably take away 2-3 supplements you’re taking now, add in Uni-Liver and get better results while saving more money). The real ‘pros’ are the numerous health, recovery and strength benefits; personally, I’m surprised it’s so inexpensive. There’s seems to be many long-term health benefits to taking desiccated liver.

Cons: No cons for this one.

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Uni-Liver Review

This isn’t one of those supplements you take to feel something (such as a pre workout supplement). You probably won’t notice any results overnight either. And that’s probably why desiccated liver isn’t advertised like all the other hyped-up supplements out there. The benefits of Uni-Liver have more of a long-term cumulative effect on your body and performance. You’re not going to add 100 lbs to your squat in 30 days, or anything crazy like that with Uni-Liver. But over time you will improve your overall health and strength.

On that note I’ve added Uni-Liver as a staple in my own supplement regimen. And if I didn’t take Uni-Liver, specifically, I would take some sort of desiccated liver supplement after researching the benefits on this stuff. My suggestion to you is do your own research on Uni-Liver (desiccated liver) and see if it’s right for you. Chances are, you’ll jump on it.

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