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How to Get a Massive Bicep Pump – Do This Workout!

October 11, 2020

massive bicep pump

Are you ready to get a massive pump in your biceps?

You’re about to go through a series of exercises that will give you that insane bicep pump you’re looking for. More importantly, I’m going to show you some specific methods to use for each exercise to make your workout more intense!

I’m going to explain each exercise in detail. There are some little tweaks that you’ll learn that’s going to make each bicep exercise more effective. And trust me, you will feel the burn!

Go mix up your favorite pre-workout drink because you’re going to want to hit the gym after reading this.

***I’m writing this blog post three days after doing the workout that you’re about to see below. My biceps are literally still sore from this workout! So I ‘strongly’ encourage you to try this workout!

Biceps Workout Video: How to Get Your Biceps Pumped

You can watch the biceps workout video below. You will see how to perform each exercise for your biceps. And you’ll also see how to use these special techniques to increase your workout intensity and get that pump.

But be sure too continue reading the blog post. I’m going to further explain each exercise and the methods you’re using. And you’ll also see the workout written out below so that you have a clear visual of what to do in the gym.

Be sure to check out my recommended pre-workout supplement to get that extra pump, energy, and mental focus!

About this Workout

Before we get into the details of this biceps workout, there are a few things you should know.

  • This is not meant to be a full workout
  • The workout is designed to either be done at the end of your workout if you’re training biceps with another body part (ex: back and biceps)
  • Or you can use this workout for arm day and do something similar for your triceps
  • You can also do this as a standalone workout on a non-training day, or even later after you’ve done your normal workout for that day
  • You just want to go to the gym and do something extra!
    This is a perfect workout for one of those cardio-only days. Do you cardio and then hit some biceps after that!

In summary, this can be done at the end of your regular workout or as an extra workout to give your biceps that pump.

It’s actually the perfect workout to do before a photo shoot or if you’re going out and want to attract a little attention. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Massive Bicep Pump Workout

Seated incline curls biceps exercises

Below is a visual of your biceps workout. It’s everything I covered in the video earlier. Here are some additional notes:

  • Rest about 45 seconds between sets
  • Rest about a minute between exercises
  • Flex your biceps between each set (I’ll give you more details about this later – this is actually part of the set; your rest will start after you flex)
  • Stretch your biceps after your workout (you’ll get a simple bicep stretching routine later in this post)
Bicep ExerciseSets x Reps
Seated incline dumbbell curls4 x 15
Dumbbell hammer curls3 x 10-12*
Double cable biceps curls3 x 12

*You’re going to do rest-pause sets for each set for dumbbell hammer curls. That will be explained below.

That’s your biceps workout at a glance. Now let’s talk about the training methods you’re doing for each exercise. These all have to do with forcing your biceps to do the work.

The goal with this workout, and really any bodybuilding workout, is to make your muscles work harder. You see, building muscle is not about just moving weight from point A to B. It’s about making the weight feel heavier by using particular methods to put more pressure on your muscles.

Mental Connection – Making Your Biceps Work Harder

You’ll notice that this biceps workout starts out with a type of concentrated curl, incline dumbbell curls.
*I’ll talk more in-depth about this and the other exercises below.

You’re also doing high reps at the beginning of your workout. This is done as a pre-exhaust effort. You’re basically priming and pre-fatiguing your biceps right out of the gate.

Why is this important and how does it work? It’s going to force your biceps to work harder on all of the sets and reps to follow. And you’re going to feel those muscles more as you’re doing them.

This also helps develop your mind-muscle connection. It’s all about feeling your muscles contract throughout each rep.

Rest-Pause Sets for Biceps

There are several techniques to get a pump in your biceps. But one of the absolute best ways to exhaust your muscles is with rest-pause sets.

What is a rest-pause set for biceps?

  • Perform a set
  • Rest for a short time (10-15 seconds)
  • Perform another set using the same weight

Of course, you should not expect to get a ton of reps on that final set. For example, if you got 12 reps on the initial set, you will probably get 5-6 reps on the rest-pause part of the set.

In this workout, you’re doing a rest-pause set for dumbbell hammer curls. And you’re doing this on all three sets!

Flexing and Contracting Your Muscles During Each Set

Another method that will give your biceps a massive pump is flexing your biceps throughout each rep. Especially at the peak of each rep.

This goes back to the mind-muscle connection I talked about. You have to develop that mental connection so that you’re feeling your biceps working throughout each rep.

Don’t get caught up in just going through the motions. Many do this with heavy barbell or EZ bar curls. You’ll see them swinging the weight like a baboon swinging from a tree.

That doesn’t do much to build your biceps. That only builds your ego and makes you look ridiculous.

Flexing Your Biceps Between Sets

flexing biceps between sets

The final method for getting that insane bicep pump is flexing your muscles between sets. This is also going to help you build big arms and define those muscles.

Here’s a simple method you can use:

  • Push your hands together and flex your biceps (you could also just flex your biceps without having your hands together but having your hands together can help you apply more pressure and flex harder)
  • Hold that pose for 5-10 seconds
  • Repeat 1-2 times
  • Then rest about 45 seconds before doing your next set

**Don’t worry about what other people in the gym may think of you as you’re flexing. Keep your focus on your goal, building huge and defined biceps!

Best Exercises for a Massive Biceps Pump

For starters, there’s really no ‘best exercise’ for biceps. All bicep exercises are great if you perform them correctly and use techniques like the ones we just talked about to make your workouts more effective.

On that note, I’m going to give you some more bicep-building tips for performing the bicep exercises in this workout. You’ll also see why I chose these specific exercises for getting the pump.

Seated Incline Curls

Seated incline curls biceps exercises

Seated incline curls are an excellent type of concentration curl. They keep your arms locked into a position where it’s difficult to sway or use momentum. So your biceps are working overtime here.

Here are some tips for seated incline curls:

  • Set the incline bench about one level higher than you would for the chest exercise incline dumbbell press
  • Start by allowing your arms to hang down in the natural position while holding the dumbbells (this will determine your correct starting point for each rep so that you can get that deep stretch)
  • Once you curl the weight up, contract your biceps at the peak of that rep

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Hammer curls dumbbell biceps exercise

Dumbbell hammer curls are my personal favorite bicep exercise. They’re great for building mass in your biceps. And they’re also good for giving your biceps more shape.

Here are some tips to make your biceps work harder when doing dumbbell hammer curls:

  • Do these one-arm at a time
  • Keep your arms slightly flexed and tight at all times, even when the other arm isn’t curling
  • Contract your bicep muscle at the peak of each rep
  • Don’t let the dumbbell fall back into place; rather, control the weight on the eccentric part of each rep

**Remember that you’re doing rest-pause sets for this exercise for this biceps workout. In this case, once you go to pick the dumbbells back up, you’ll perform the rest-pause part of the rep curling both dumbbells simultaneously.

Double Cable Bicep Curls

Cable pose curls biceps exercise

The last exercise in this biceps workout for getting that insane arm pump is flexing like Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is done on the cable machine with both cables.

You can really hone in on your mind-muscle connection with double cable biceps curls. You’re literally doing a double bicep pose, but with resistance.

Here are some tips for doing double cable bicep curls:

  • Make sure you have the cables set high and step out far enough so that your arms are stretched
  • Try to keep your elbows out as you’re bringing the cables towards you head (in other words, don’t let your body fold in as it will have a tendency to do)
  • To help with the above, keep your chest out and torso straight
  • Make sure you flex your biceps muscles hard at the peak of the movement; you can even hold that pose for a few seconds

**For the ultimate pump, be sure to read about my recommended pre-workout supplement!

Alright, now it’s time for you to try this biceps workout! You can expect a massive pump and your biceps may be sore for a few days!

Train with Passion,


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