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The truth about bodybuilding and workout plans is that everything works. But nothing works forever. You have to know when to change

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Let’s face it, leg day is the toughest day of the week. Sure, you get great upper body workouts (especially on chest

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You made it to the gym but it’s one of those days where you’re just not feeling your best. You’re tired and

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You’ve been hitting the gym for a few weeks but you’re just not seeing the gains you expect. It seems you’re doing

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We all want to increase our bench press and throw a few more plates on the bar. But we also want to

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For the longest time, Bang energy drinks (in a can) have been one of my go-to pre-workout drinks. It’s one of the

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About Me.

I'm Jason Stallworth, founder of the The Muscle Program. I created this site to help people build muscle and become the best version of themselves. 

And it's more than just building an amazing physique and getting stronger. There's also a deep mental and I'll even say spiritual aspect of this lifestyle. 

I know what weight training has done for me over the years and I want to share that with you!