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Chest and Triceps Workout at Home with Light Dumbbells
Training chest and triceps together is almost like a spiritual experience. These muscles work in perfect unison when trained in[...]
Intense Quads Workout You Can Do At Home
If you want to build and define your quads, you have to make sure your leg workouts are intense. You[...]
4 Types of Dumbbell Squats for Your Leg Workouts At Home
There's no arguing that squats are the best exercise for building legs. But what if you're working out at home[...]


3 Methods and Complete Workout Routine to Boost Testosterone
One of the fastest ways you can naturally boost your testosterone starts in the gym. And the fact that the[...]
Combining 5 x 5 with FST-7 for Shredded Mass Gains: Full Workout Routine
You have two goals: gain muscle mass and get shredded. The problem is those goals seemingly conflict one another, don't[...]
Triceps Workout for Mass and Shape
If you really want to build huge arms, forget about doing endless sets of curls. Why? Because your triceps make[...]
10 Ways to Maintain Muscle While Cutting
You've spent several months packing on muscle mass. Now it's time to show it off by leaning out and getting[...]
How To Build Big Shoulders with Dumbbells Only
We all want to get big shoulders with capped delts. But many go about it the wrong way. In this[...]
5 Deload Chest Workouts
You've been pushing your chest hard in the gym for several weeks and have made some awesome gains. But you're[...]


Flexible Meal Plans for Building Muscle Mass: Calorie-Specific Plans
What if I told you that you can eat your favorite foods and still gain muscle without getting fat? Well,[...]
Meal Plans for Lean Muscle Gains and Getting Shredded
In this post, you'll find several meal plans for lean muscle and to get shredded.  In short, use these meal[...]
Meal Plans for Mass and Strength Gains
In this post, you'll find several meal plans for mass and strength gains.  So if you're ready to pack on[...]


PreFIERCE Review: Effective Dose Pre-Workout Formula
The only pre-workout I've ever taken that is properly dosed, but may not be for you if you need that[...]
7 Cheap DIY Pre Workout Alternatives
If you're like me, taking some sort of pre-workout before heading to the gym is a necessity. Your workouts are[...]
Instant Knockout Review: Maintain Muscle While Cutting
Let me start by saying I am not a fan of fat burners.  Why?  Because most of them focus on[...]

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