Skinny-Fat Muscle Building Plan – Part 1: The Workout
The most undesirable body type is skinny-fat. The typical look is skinny arms and legs with a big belly. And[...]
How to Use Supersets for Ripped Muscle Gains: 4 Types of Supersets
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Muscle and Strength Building Program: 5-4-3 Opposing Muscles Method
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Legs and Abs Workout for Mass: Superset Routine
Training legs and abs together could easily be considered the perfect superset workout. There are two awesome and unique benefits[...]
Build More Muscle with Rest-Pause Sets
Rest-pause sets are when you perform a set, rest for a short period of time, and perform another set with[...]
How to Burn Fat Lifting Weights – 5 Techniques
Many believe that you have to do endless amounts of cardio to get cut and burn body fat. Cardio certainly[...]


Skinny-Fat Muscle Building Plan – Part 2: The Meal Plan
If you have the problem with being skinny-fat, the first thing you need to do is eliminate the word 'diet.'[...]
Foods that Boost Growth Hormone and Build Muscle
If there's one thing that's the most crucial for gaining muscle it's growth hormone. Boosting growth hormone levels not only[...]
8 Food Label Deceptions: What to Look for in Foods to Build Quality Muscle Mass
You have to eat to pack on muscle mass. In fact, you have to eat a lot. But you already[...]


Skinny-Fat Muscle Building Plan – Part 3: The Supplements
Let me start out by saying supplements are not required to transform a skinny-fat body. Or any body type, for[...]
SNAC ZMA Review: Build Muscle While You Sleep
The most crucial part of weight training, whether you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or extreme athlete, is to allow your body[...]
TestoFIERCE Review: Make Quality Muscle Gains, Faster
TestoFIERCE is a testosterone booster backed by science to help you pack on more muscle in and outside of the[...]

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