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Gym Gear I Use

Gym gear: gym bag, Dark Iron Belt, Straps

Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt – I started using this belt in 2019 and have not looked back. It’s sturdy and durable, but it also quickly contours to your body.

Harbinger Big Grip No-Slip Lifting Straps – Longest-lasting straps you’ll ever use and the no-slip feature is a must-have when you’re going heavy on deadlifts and rows.

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 2.0 Gym Bag – Perfectly holds all of your gym gear, supplements, and is big enough to put spare clothes in if you shower at the gym.

Supplements I’m Currently Taking

whey prten powder bodybuilding supplements

Below are the supplements that I am currently taking now.

**If my supplement regimen happens to change, I will update this page t reflect that. But this is what I pretty much ake year-round.

Here’s how I take these…

Whey protein1 serving
2 servings
Creatine1 servingpre and post-workout
Multivitamin1 servingwith first meal
Fish oil4 servings2 with first meal, and 2 with final meal
Vitamin C & D1 serving eachwith final meal
ZMA1 serving1 hour before bed

Recommended Pre-Workouts

Alpha Lion Superhuman Hulk Juice pre workout

I typically alternate pre-workout supplements. I’m currently taking SUPERHUMAN by Alpha Lion.

SUPERHUMAN High Octane Pre-Workout – This is a new product I’m trying out and really liking it so far because it delivers the same results every workout!

Bang Energy Drinks (8 Variety Pack) – One of my personal favorite pre-workout drinks because the results are consistent.

**There are some days when I may just drink a strong cup of coffee for energy. I use my Keurig for that.

Additional Supplements to Consider

TestoFierce by TruFIERCE

These are supplements that you may want to take at different times throughout the year, depending on your goal.

These are all supplements I have taken, each for at least 8 weeks or more, and can attest to their effectiveness.

TestoFIERCE – If your goal is to pack on muscle, this is a reputable ‘pure formula’ testosterone booster you can take.

ShredFIERCE – If your goal is to get ripped and lean, this is one of the better fat burners you can take.

Prime Male – Anabolic support for men over 40. This stuff gives you that extra pep in pretty much all areas.

Fitness Programs & Guides

Below are some programs that I have found helpful and recommend to others.

  • Critical Bench 2.0 – Pure, raw strength-building program. Mike Westerdal teaches how to lift and get stronger the right way.
  • Anabolic Cooking – Excellent bodybuilding cookbook with over 200 recipes (including protein pancakes, which are one of my personal favorites!).
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Another program under Mike Westerdal that teaches you the proper way to stretch your body and support your hip flexors.

**I don’t recommend too many programs because I have my own programs here in my online shop. However, I do own copies of these programs and they all have solid content.

Tools & Resources I Use for this Website and Blog

How to Start a Fitness Blog

This section will pertain to those who are running a blog or online business (or want to start one).

Since I’m sharing what I use and take for building muscle, it seemed appropriate to share the website tools I use, too.

  • WPX Hosting – After having so many issues with prior hosting companies, which will go unnamed, I switched to WPX in early 2020 and have not had any issues and their customer support is amazing.
  • Thrive Themes – Easy-to-use WordPress theme design, page builder, and lead capture tools – I use Thrive for this website and my musician website.
  • AWeber for Email Marketing – Used for many years and great to get started with; however, now use Drip

If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to send me a message on Facebook.

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