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5 Amazing Fitness Blog Content Ideas That Will Captivate Your Readers

February 13, 2020

Fitness Blog Content Ideas

Trying to stand out as a fitness blogger can be a tough challenge. The internet is saturated with fitness blogs. But don’t’ give up…

I’m going to show how to cut through the noise with 7 fitness blog ideas that will keep your readers engaged, and keep them on your site.

And these are not going to be the typical posts that every other fitness blog has. I’m going to help you write genuine and authentic blog posts that captivate your readers.

**I’ll also give you examples of how you can use these ideas to boost your SEO and keep readers on your page.

And I’ll share some of my own high traffic posts so that you can use them as a template to format your own blog posts.

1 – Specific Workouts that Cater to Specific Goals

cable flyes crossovers for shredded chest

As a fitness blogger, giving your audience workouts is a great tactic. It’s also an easy blog to write!

However, you don’t want to write about generic workouts. You need to go deeper and think about who the ideal reader of your post will be.

Here are some questions to think about when writing a workout post:

  • Does my reader want to get leaner and cut?
  • Does my reader want to gain muscle size?
  • Are they training for a competition or photoshoot?
  • Is my reader looking to focus on a weak body part?

Then you need to ask yourself what your reader’s greatest pain points are. And you need to hit them with that right up front, just like I did in this post…

Trying to stand out as a fitness blogger can be a tough challenge. The internet is saturated with fitness blogs. But don’t give up…

Write these down and this will tell you what type of workout you need to blog about. The catered workout you provide will be the solution to their specific problem.

Example Post:

Here’s a workout blog post that I wrote that caters to bodybuilders that want to gain more muscle mass in their quads.

I found a specific workout problem that my audience searches for (workouts for quads), and I went deeper, catering it to a specific goal (‘huge’ quads).

5 Awesome Workouts for Huge Quads

Pay attention to the blog layout as well. You’ll see how I call out the pain point first before providing a solution.

And notice how these posts take advantage of the WordPress tables. This makes your workouts look nice and easy to read.

All of this was done just using Gutenburg.

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2 – Meal Plans that Cater to Specific Goals

Like workouts, nutrition is also a topic in demand by any fitness blog. In fact, nutrition is often said to be 50% of reaching your fitness goals.

This is another area you want to be extremely specific in, though. You don’t want to post a blog about generic meal plans. Rather, you need to think about what your reader’s goals are.

You can ask yourself the same questions…

  • Does my reader want to cut weight and get ripped/lean?
  • Does my reader want to eat the right foods to gain mass?

You could even take it to a deeper level. For example, someone who wants a lean meal plan may also have the goal of building lean muscle at the same time.

That meal plan would look much different than a meal plan to just lose weight. So do your research on Google and see what people are searching for so that you can cater your blog post to that specific audience.

Example Post:

The below post is a great example of what we talked about in regards to being extremely specific.

This plan is for those who want to gain muscle mass but with as few dietary limitations as possible.

Flexible Meal Plan for Mass Gains

Again, you’ll notice that I included a searchable and trending term (flexible meal plan) and I also cater this post to a specific audience (mass gains).

‘What Not To Do’ Tip for Nutrition Blog Posts:

I highly recommend staying away from recipe blog posts, especially if your blog is new.

The only caveat to that is if your site is a recipe blog and that’s what the majority of your content will be. If that’s the case, make sure you narrow down your niche.

Otherwise, you will be competing with an ungodliness amount of websites and blogs.

3 – Complete Guides

Fitness Blog Ideas - Complete Guide

These are blog posts that you can expect to spend a day or more writing. Your word count should be no less than 2,500 words for blogging complete guides and depending on the topic, may go over 5,000 words.

They need to be in-depth with an immense amount of valuable information while also maintaining your reader’s attention. Yes, it’s a ton of work…

But do not let that detour you. You should consider having at least 10% of your total blog posts being a complete guide. And if you’re just starting as a new blogger, 1/3 of your posts should long-form content (1 for every 10 blog posts).

Blogging a complete guide requires a higher level-topic, unlike what we just talked about. You want to leave yourself plenty of room to expand.

For example, you may write a complete guide to build muscle. As a complete guide, you can break down the different ways to achieve this goal by including sections for gaining mass and sections for getting lean.

Example Post:

Here’s a complete guide to weight training for beginners. This post is over 2,700 words long and covers every aspect of what beginners need to know:

Fundamentals of Weight Training: Your Guide to Muscle and Strength Gains

Another complete guide post you can read caters to people like us who want to start fitness blog. This post is over 4,600 words:

Complete Guide on How to Start a Fitness Blog

4 – Comparison Posts (Versus)

This VS. That’ posts are a great way to captivate your readers and keep them engaged in your blog post. The reason is that ‘versus’ has a high search volume in general.

Why? Because when people are searching the internet they are looking for the best solution to solve their specific problem.

Many think of product comparison but don’t just stop there. You can write posts that compare different fitness techniques (example: ‘Crossfit VS. Bodybuilding…heck, that’s actually a great idea!).

Comparison blog posts also allow for long-form content. You will be giving the pros and cons of both methods you’re comparison, as well as a detailed description of each.

Here’s what you do…

  • Find 2 methods, concepts, or products to compare
  • Give a short intro to tell the reader exactly what you’re comparing and why this is going to benefit them
  • Start with one method/product and list the pros and cons
  • Do the same with the method/product you’re comparing this to
  • Now highlight their differences
  • Finally, give a recommendation based on facts, your research, and even better, your own experience

This also works with meal plans. Just think of how many different diets are out there? Try picking 2 that your audience is most prone to be interested in and write a comparison post.

You’re probably already thinking of something like ‘Keto VS. Plant-Based.’ Those are like 2 different religions!

Example Post:

I posted a comparison of an extremely debatable topic within the bodybuilding community.

Low Volume VS High Volume Weight Training

Choosing debtable concepts and idealogies can really help you gain a substantial amount of traffic.

Just make sure you put your own edge to it so that it’s not like every other ‘versus’ post.

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5 – Genuine, Authentic Product Reviews

TestoFuel ingredients list label

Posting product reviews on your fitness bog are typically where your revenue comes from. And that’s the whole idea of having a blog. You want to generate income from doing what you love.

But there are 3 problems with product reviews:

  • Many reviews you read on websites are from people who have never used the product
  • It’s clear that the person is trying to sell you a product and not being genuine
  • The internet is saturated with product reviews especially with big sites like Amazon

So how do you cut through the noise? Simple…

By posting genuine, authentic product reviews on your fitness blog.

The only way to do this is for you to actually use the product (or in many cases, take the supplement). And you need to be able to also talk about the downside to the product.

You also don’t want to sound like a salesman. People can ‘read’ (literally) right through that. I couldn’t resist the pun!

Yet at the same time, you DO want to let your reader know that you receive a small commission if they purchase the product after clicking your link.

Here are the rules for posting product reviews on your blog:

  • Use/product first and for enough time to where you can give an honest review of the product
  • Even if you think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, don’t put a lot of hype in your review; you don’t want to come across as ‘sales-y’
  • Include things you may not like about the product or things you would like to see different
  • Give the reader your personal experience
  • Include images and even a video of you with the product
  • Make regular updates to your product review blog post to keep it relevant, especially if it’s a product that you want to continuously promote

Example Post:

This has been my most-viewed prodcut review post, and also my highest revenue generating product.

Jason’s TestoFuel Review: The Best Test Booster for Building Muscle

Now, here’s what happened. I took the product for at least a few weeks before writing the review.

I also didn’t hype up my review. Rather, I included a few things I wish were different about this supplement.

Lastly, I have made appropirate updates to this review to keep it relevant.

More Fitness Blog Content Ideas

Do you need more content ideas for your fitness blog? Of course, there are more topics you can write about.

But I’m going to show you a way to expand on the 5 ideas in this post so that you have endless content ideas.

TopicMore Ideas
WorkoutsMass gains
Lean gains
Strength gains
Specific muscles (chest, back, legs, etc)
How to get bigger biceps
Meal plansMass gains
Lean gains
Getting ripped/cutting
High carb
Low carb
Keto, paleo, plant-based, etc
Carb loading and cycling
GuidesBuilding muscle
Getting strong
Beginners (to pretty much anything!)
Cutting for a show or event
How to use a specific product
ComparisonsMeal/diet plans
Workout techniques
Training philosohphies
Gaining muscles vs getting lean
Product comparison (this can be part of product reviews)
Taking supplements vs no supplements
Natural vs ‘enhanced’
Product reviewsFat burners
Test boosters
Protein powders
Weightlifting gear (belts, gloves, etc)
Gym equipment
Special gym clothing (bench shirts, shoes)

This should get you started with plenty of blog content ideas. I encourage you to make a list right now of the specific ideas going through your head (I know there are plenty of them!).

I wish you the utmost success in your fitness blog!

Excuses Don’t Build Muscle,


**If you haven’t yet, be sure to read my complete guide to starting a fitness blog here: Complete Guide on How to Start a Fitness Blog

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