does testofuel work?

TestoFuel Review: Best Test Booster for Building Muscle

Let’s be real, most natural testosterone boosters suck. In fact, there’s only 2-3 test boosters I recommend taking, and TestoFuel is one of them. 

In this post, I’m going to give you my complete TestoFuel review and experience.  

You’ll also learn more about the product on this site than any other site, both the good and how it could be better.  And I’ll share some insider stuff that no one else shares, like what to stack TestoFuel with for better results! 

What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is one of the top-rated natural testosterone boosters.  Heck, I’ve been promoting it (and taking it off and on) since 2012!  So it’s also stood the test of time as a reputable supplement.

The goal of TestoFuel is to help you gain lean muscle.  And yes, TestoFuel can help burn fat as well.

In my TestoFuel review, I’m going to give you more of a perspective of how it can help you pack on muscle mass and get stronger.  

First, I’ll go over some basic questions you may have, more about the product, and then we’ll dive into my personal experience and more.

Benefits of Taking TestoFuel

  • Harder Muscles – You will notice that your muscles are much harder and full. 
  • Lean Muscle, NOT Bloated Muscle – Most test boosters out there will make you puffy and bloated. 
  • Explosive Power and Strength – Taking TestoFuel will help you get stronger if that’s your goal.
  • More Energy and Better Mood – Having more energy overall will help you work out and be more motivated. This leads to better gains!

Increased libido is another benefit of taking TestoFuel.  But that’s a given because even test boosters that don’t work that well will still increase your sex drive.

You’re on my site because you’re looking for muscle and strength gains.  

Libido is certainly worth mentioning as a benefit.  But if that’s all you want it for, I’d recommend just buying something like Tribulus or horny goat weed extract. That stuff works pretty good.

Is TestoFuel Safe?

Of course, if you read the label and look on the product website they claim that TestoFuel is safe.  

In my opinion, and from my own experience that you’ll read about below, yes, TestoFuel is completely safe 

There are 2 reasons why I say this…

  1. TestoFuel has all-natural ingredients (no prohormones, or weird ingredients you can’t pronounce!)
  2. There are no negative side effects. I’ve never had any, several of my gym buddies who have taken it (which I recommended it to them) did not experience any side effect…other than making gains! 

Does TestoFuel Actually Work?

Many will say because TestoFuel is all-natural that it doesn’t work.  And I totally get that.  Because like I mentioned in the beginning, most natural test boosters don’t work.

You’ll find out in my TestoFuel review below if it truly works.  Or rather, how well it works.  The caveat is you have to be training hard!  

So if you have commitment problems with the gym, I don’t recommend taking TestoFuel, or any test booster for that matter. 

Visit the TestoFuel Website

does testofuel work?

If you’re ready to start making gains with TestoFuel, click the button below to buy directly from the manufacturer.

TestoFuel Ingredients List

Now let’s take a close look at the TestoFuel label.  Each ingredient is listed below, and why it’s important. 

  • Oyster Extract – This is one of the primary ingredients in TestoFuel. There’s a direct link to oyster extract increasing testosterone. *Remember, our parents called oysters the ‘sex food.’
  • Zinc – Zinc boosts overall health and many medical experts say that it can prevent several diseases, improved immunity function, and increasing fertility.
  • Magnesium – According to numerous studies, zinc and magnesium are essential to health and increased testosterone when combined.
  • Vitamin B6 – You’re probably already aware of the benefits of taking B vitamins. But there’s something more here…the combination of Vitamin B, zinc and magnesium is the old school ZMA formula that has been used or decades to boost testosterone.
  • Vitamin D – All test boosting supplements should contain Vitamin D. Most of us do not get enough Vitamin D in our diet and are more likely deficient. Vitamin D supports bone health, protects against multiple diseases, and can increase testosterone.
  • Ginseng – Ginseng is known to help reduce hormones that cause low testosterone. It also increases sex drive.
  • Fenugreek – Fenugreek works in conjunction with Ginseng to increase libido.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – The last of the TestoFuel ingredients is D-Aspartic Acid (DAA). I have not done enough of my own research on the effects of DAA. I do know that there are some conflicting studies of DAA.
TestoFuel ingredients list label

You can also see on the box that each ingredient list the precise amounts. No proprietary blends

My TestoFuel Review: 8 Week Cycle

This TestoFuel review is based on taking it for 8-weeks straight. One month simply isn’t enough to get the full benefits of any test booster.  

I’ll talk more about how long it takes TestoFuel to work later.  First, here are some of the things I noticed during my 8-week cycle. Keep in mind that I was training hard and heavy, and I was eating a lot!! 

  • Had more sustainable muscle energy during my workouts after the first week
  • Lasted longer in the gym, pumping out a few more sets and reps
  • Noticeable muscle fullness cam after the 3rd week
  • Strength started bumping up a little after week 4
  • Subtle, cumulative gains were noticed every week thereafter, although I did start to hit a plateau during the last week
  • By the end of my 8-week TestoFuel cycle, the most noticeable changes were my body composition and muscle definition.

How Long Does it Take for TestoFuel Work?

Alright, here’s the deal.  Don’t start taking TestoFuel and get all pissed off if you don’t see muscle gains right away.

This is the thing with most natural test boosters, no matter how powerful they are.  It takes time to ‘kick-in’ so to speak. 

So don’t get discouraged right away.  Be patient, train hard, and you’ll be glad you stayed on it. 


  • The first supplement to use an enhanced Oyster Extract formula
  • Gains are long-term (you don’t lose them when you cycle off)
  • Uses the powerful and proven combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 with vitamin D
  • Noticeable lean muscle gains, muscle hardness, and increased vascularity
  • TestoFuel can be used for both bulking and cutting
  • No bloating, water retention, or negative side effects
  • More energy during workouts, and throughout the day
  • Label is clear…no proprietary blends


  • Only available direct through the manufacturer (use the links on this page to purchase – this helps support my site as I do get rewarded – thank you!)
  • Results aren’t as fast as something like a prohormone 
  • Kinda pricey if you’re only getting 1 bottle (make sure you get their buy 3 get 1 free offer)

How to Take TestoFuel

As a disclaimer, I must advise you to follow the label.  But I like to experiment, with reason, to see if there are different methods that work better.

The TestoFuel label says this: Take 1 capsule, 4 times per day with a meal

But I found that to be a royal pain!  In fact, I kept forgetting to take it.  So here’s what I did the second time I took TestoFuel, and every time thereafter…

  • 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast
  • 2 capsules in the evening with dinner

If anything I felt like I got better results taking it this way.  And I never missed taking it (perhaps that’s the reason for the better results!). 

What to Stack with TestoFuel

what to stack with TestoFuel

Like you, I’ve read countless testosterone booster reviews, even other TestoFuel reviews.  But no one ever mentions what they stack with TestoFuel.

This is extremely important because rarely (like, never!) does anyone, who is serious about the gym, take just one supplement. So I’m also going to tell you what other supplements I typically stack when taking TestoFuel. 

Here’s my ULTIMATE MUSCLE BUILDING STACK (I just made that name up!):

  • Protein powder – this is a given for my post-workout meal, and sometimes 1-2 more protein shakes each day
  • BCAAs – I take branched-chain amino acids during my workouts for muscle energy and to kick-start recovery
  • Multivitamin – another basic supplement that’s always in my muscle building stack
  • Pre-workout – I alternate different pre-workout supplements but rarely do I train with it
  • Creatine monohydrate – an absolute must for mass and strength gains
  • TestoFuel – it’s typical for me to cycle on and off TestoFuel a few times throughout the year

You don’t necessarily have to take all of these supplements for TestoFuel to work.  Each supplement has it’s own purpose.  

But stacking these with TestoFuel will only enhance your results.  Chances are you’re already taking most of these anyway.  You can read more about my mass supplement stack in this post: Best Bodybuilding Supplement Stack for Mass

Does TestoFuel Burn Fat?

In theory, when you boost testosterone levels you’re going to increase your body’s ability to burn more fat.  This all plays together with building muscle.

So in that sense, yes, TestoFuel can help you burn fat.  I will say this…when testosterone is raised, you will be more hungry than normal.  Sure, you can ‘feed the need’ and eat more.  

But if you’re goal is cutting, then you’ll just need to be extra careful of the types of foods you eat and do more cardio, workout longer, etc. 

Decide if TestoFuel is for You

does testofuel work?

You may have noticed that many test boosters have a long list of ingredients with words you couldn’t pronounce, or they hide everything within proprietary blends. I hate that because I feel you and I both need to know exactly what we’re putting into our bodies. 

The TestoFuel label is clear in regard to the amounts of each ingredient. This is a big deal and of extreme importance to guys like us.

The ingredients are also pure, and effective.  I harp on the label because at the end of the day, that’s gonna be the reason why a test booster works or doesn’t work.

I also like the fact that you can use TestoFuel for a variety of goals:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Gaining size and mass
  • Getting cut
  • Strength training

All of those kinda tie in together anyway, but the benefits of TestoFuel can give you that extra edge for any of those goals. 

Lastly, TestoFuel is a solid (and preferable) alternative to the other stuff, if you know what I mean!

Train with Passion,


Where to Buy TestoFuel

TestoFuel for muscle mass gains

Now that you’ve read about my experience in my TestoFuel review, and you know what to expect, I encourage you to get started!

Just click the button below and it will take you to the TestoFuel website.

***Don’t forget to take advantage of the BUY 3 GET 1 FREE offer!

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