animal pak review for building muscle

Animal Pak Review: Best Multivitamin Training Pack for Bodybuilders

If your a bodybuilder, weightlifter, or anyone who trains hard, you already know that a regular multivitamin isn’t going to cut it for you. You need something a little ‘stronger!’ 

In this post, I’m going to share my Animal Pak review with you, and why this has been my top multivitamin training pack for the past several years. 

You’ll also learn how Animal Pak can help you build muscle, the best times to take it, and I’ll give you some tips on what types of workouts to do while taking it. 

What Does Animal Pak Do for You?

Let’s be real about something. Vitamins aren’t that exciting.  

When you’re standing in line at the supplement store (or browsing online like most of us do these days), you’re not looking at multivitamins. You’re looking at pre-workouts, test boosters, creatines, etc.  Gotta get huge, bro! 

The contrast is vitamins and minerals are probably the most important type of supplement we can take.  And we should make sure we’re on a solid multivitamin before buying the other stuff. 

Animal Pak is far more than just a mere multivitamin.  So trying to compare it to any regular multivitamin is like comparing apples to oranges, or jacked up gorillas to weasels. 

Animal Pak is actually designed specifically for bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strength training athletes. The goal is simple: to deliver the higher quantities of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required to function and recover. 

If you’re training hard and consistent, and want to make sure you’re getting the adequate vitamins and minerals for energy and recovery, then keep reading.  If you’re not training hard, then just go to Walmart and pick up a general multivitamin. 

Benefits of Animal Pak

  • Helps you recover faster from your workouts
  • Ensures you’re getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • Increases your energy levels throughout the day
  • Universal Nutrition is one of the most reputable brands of supplements
  • Contains several complexes that support bodybuilders, powerlifters and strength athletes (I’ll talk more about those in the ingredients section) 

Does Animal Pak Help Build Muscle?

If you’re asking if you can take Animal Pak and pack on 30 lbs of muscle mass, then my answer is (wait for it)…no. 

To be fair, that’s the case with any supplement, even the ones that claim to do that.

But to truly answer that question is yes, Animal Pak can absolutely help you build muscle, size, and strength.  Let’s go a little deeper…

You see, building muscle revolves around recovery.  And things like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are a ‘huge’ (pun intended) part of recovery. If you neglect to get those vitamins and nutrients, then you’re actually hindering muscle growth. 

It’s a simple formula:

Animal Pak + (Train Hard + Eat + Rest) = Muscle growth

Buy Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

Animal Pak has been my top multivitamin for several years. I’ve tried different brands and vitamins, but I’ve always gone back to this one.

It’s loaded with all of your essential vitamins and minerals, but also contains digestive enzymes, amino acids, energy formula, and more. 

Animal Pak Ingredients Breakdown

Here’s a high-level rundown of what’s in Animal Pak. I’ll go through each in detail below.

  • Essential vitamins and minerals: Animal Pak contains a hefty amount of every single vitamin and mineral a bodybuilder or athlete needs
  • Amino acid complex: Blend of branched-chain and essential amino acids for recovery
  • Performance complex: I attribute my energy levels sustained throughout the day to this part of the formula (also contains Uni-Liver, another powerful Universal Nutrition supplement)
  • Antioxidant complex: Several ingredients that boost your immune system and help your body fight off sickness
  • Digestive enzyme complex: This really helps with all the protein us bodybuilders eat!

Now, when you look at the Animal Pak label it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s like the list of stuff in there never ends.  And you guys have heard me preach against supplements with super long labels.  

The thing is, every single ingredient in Animal Pak is something your body will actually use and benefit from.  And as far as vitamins go, it’s actually overdosed (in a good way!). 

A Note About Universal Nutrition

It’s important that Universal Nutrition has been around since 1977 and grown one of the most hardcore followings of any other supplement brand. There’s a lot to be said for a company that’s been around for that long and still thriving. 

As far as my Animal Pak review, this has become a staple in my supplement regimen. I have tried many other multivitamins (in order to do reviews) but I’ve always reverted back to Animal Pak for my core multivitamin/training pack.  

My Animal Pak Review

animal pak review for bodybuilders and powerlifters

As I hinted in the beginning, these multivitamins tend to get the least amount of attention in our supplement arsenal.  However, if you’re training hard this should be a #1 priority.  So let’s get to my Animal Pak review. 

It’s also important to note my training style while taking Animal Pak, which is probably similar to your own workouts.  Heavy compound movements are done at the beginning of my workout programs, followed by many sets and reps. 

I’m going to now go over my pros and cons of Animal Pak.  And I’ll share the details of when and how I take it. 


  • More energy throughout the day – this is very noticeable as I’ve compared times where I was off Animal Pak to when I started up again…big difference!
  • Decreases risk of getting sick – I’ve noticed that when everyone around me seems to be catching something, I’m more prone to fighting it off. 
  • Megadose – I prefer this because it ensures you’re getting what you need, and then some
  • More than just vitamins – Animal Pak covers energy and performance, amino acid profile, antioxidants, and contains digestive enzymes
  • Reasonably priced– This really shouldn’t matter when it comes to your health, but for all that Animal Pak, it’s pretty cheap! 


  • I honestly do not have anything negative to say about Animal Pak.  Some see the butt-load of pills as a bad thing.  Those are probably the same people that prefer machines over free weights. 

Best Time to Take Animal Pak

Most vitamins and mineral supplements fat-soluble, which means they’re best absorbed when taken with fats.  That being said, the best time to take Animal Pak is with any meal, preferably a high-calorie meal.

On my training days, I take Animal Pak with my post-workout meal, which is a protein shake. Here’s what it looks like:

Animal Pak with Post Workout Meal

  • 2 scoops of whey protein powder
  • 6 ounces of water or almond milk
  • 1/2 serving of natural peanut butter
  • banana
  • 1/3 cup of frozen blueberries
  • teaspoon of raw local honey
  • 1 pack of Animal Pak (I obviously don’t blend this in my shake!)
animal pak review for building muscle

On non-training days, I just take 1 pack of Animal Pak with my first meal of the day.  That’s usually several whole eggs, grits, oatmeal, and sometimes pancakes!

Animal Pak One Pack or Two Packs a Day?

If you look at the label, the ingredient amounts are based on 1 serving, which is 2 packs.  

I personally feel like taking Animal Pak once a day is sufficient. I’ve tried taking 2 packs a day but did not notice a substantial difference.  So 1 works well for me. 

If you’re training hard while dieting down, you may consider taking 2 packs a day (a full daily serving).  Because when you restrict calories, there’s a good chance you’re also restricting some needed nutrients. 

The best way to take Animal Pak twice a day is to split it up like this: 

  • Pack 1: Breakfast
  • Pack 2: Dinner

Animal Pak Powder vs Pills

Oddly enough, I’ve never tried the Animal Pak powder.  Although it does seem kinda hardcore to take all those pills…yeah, I know, that sounds cheesy!

Here are my thoughts, and much is from what I’ve read on forums and other reviews:

  • AP powder is great for folks that don’t like taking pills
  • AP pills may be more convenient and faster (just pop open the pack and chase them with a protein shake)

**I will order the powder next time and update this review! 

Where to Buy Animal Pak

I buy most of my supplements on Amazon. The prices are way better than the major retail supplements stores, and I don’t have to go anywhere.

Click the button below to get Animal Pak on Amazon.

Why You Should Consider Animal Pak

animal pak review jason stallworth

Rocky: “You don’t want to believe this but that’s not us anymore we can’t do it the way we did it before we’re changing, turning into regular people.”

That was from the movie Rocky IV.  I love that film!  But Apollo Creed came back at him insisting that ‘we are warriors’ and they ‘we have to be in the middle of the fight.’

Here’s the deal…you and I, we are not normal people.  Because normal people don’t bust their ass in the gym every day.  And because of what we put our bodies through, we need much more of pretty much everything than normal people. 

So if you don’t take Animal Pak, I urge you to find a high-quality multivitamin.  Don’t dismiss it. 

If you’ve read this far, then I have to assume you’re serious about the gym and your body.  Well, if you’re on my site to being with, I assume that!  And thank you for taking the time to read this.

Train with Passion,


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