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Bang Energy Drink VS Bang Master Blaster Powder

February 1, 2021

Bang powder vs Bang can drink

For the longest time, Bang energy drinks (in a can) have been one of my go-to pre-workout drinks. It’s one of the few energy drinks that give me the most consistent results in regards to energy and mental focus in the gym.

Recently, I noticed that there was a powder version of Bang called Master Blaster. This is the form that most pre-workout supplements come in. And since I like the canned version so much, I figured that I would give it a try and compare the two.

So I tested the Bang Master Blaster powder for two weeks to see if it would work better or at least match the energy drink in a can. The purpose is for intense weight training workouts followed by moderate cardio.

In this post, you’ll get:

  • Ingredients comparison
  • Cost comparison
  • Which one is truly best (based on my personal results)

**At the end of this post, I’ll also share my pre-workout strategy with you and show you how to always get results, every workout.

Bang Energy (Can) and Bang Master Blaster (Powder) Ingredient Comparison

First, let’s compare the ingredients in each. At a high level, both the can and powder versions of Bang contain caffeine, EAAs (essential amino acids), and a blend of creatines. There are other similarities between the two, but those seem to be the core similarities.

Right away, you know you’re getting an effective pre-workout drink because that combination of ingredients does wonders for energy and building muscle. But let’s take a deeper look into the label of both versions…

Bang Energy Powder Label – Master Blaster

Bang powder pre workout

The cool thing about the Bang Master Blaster (powder) is that you get a detailed list of each ingredient with the amount. Transparency on a supplement label is always a good thing.

They even breakdown the amount of each amino acid on the label (many supplements do not do this).

One of the key highlights of Bang Energy powder is that they give you a full and proper dose of creatine monohydrate: 5,000 mg.

You also a hefty dose of effective ingredients like citrulline malate, beta alanine, and beta anhydrous.

All of those ingredients I just listed are usually under-dosed with other supplements. Bang gives you, well, the full sha-bang (no pun intended!).

Also, it’s clear to see that the Bang powder does not contain fillers or nonessential ingredients. All that said, this is a pretty impressive label.

You can read more about Bang Master Blaster on the Bang Energy website here: Bang Master Blaster Powder.

Now let’s take a look at the original Bang Energy drink that comes in a can…

Bang Energy in a Can Label

Bang energy drink pre workout

Along with caffeine, creatine, and the EAAs, Ban Energy (in a can) highlights COQ10.

COQ10 is known to decrease fatigue and oxidative stress from intense training per the article on healthline.com: 9 Benefits of Coenzyme Q10. This can help you pump out those extra sets and reps in your workouts, which I can certainly attest to.

Bang Energy is made with carbonated water. This aligns it more with other canned energy drink brands like Monster, Red Bull, and several others. Although, to me, those other energy drinks are no match for Bang Energy. Not even close. And I’ll get more into that later.

Back to the ingredients in the Bang Energy can, it also lists the essential amino acids and types of creatines on the label. However, those ingredients aren’t broken out in detail like the powder version.

But that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Especially if the product works for you.

Bang Energy also contains B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and Niacin.

Bang Energy VS Master Blaster Cost Comparison

We’ll start with the prices on the Bang Energy website, and just know that this will likely change but the price difference between the 2 versions will more than likely still be relevant:

  • Bang Energy 12 pack: $26.99
  • Bang Master Blaster 20 servings: $34.99

So that equates to…

VersionCost Per Serving
Bang Energy$2.25
Bang Master Blaster$1.75

For the price per serving, the Bang Master Blaster (powder) wins. Of course, most will not purchase from the Bang website as you can get better prices for both versions in other places. But the cost per serving is still relevant to the above.

I always suggest first trying your local supplement shop, especially one that’s individually owned (supper your small, local businesses!). And you can sometimes haggle with the price.

More importantly, which version of Bang works the best. We’ll dig into that below…

Bang Energy VS Bang Powder – Which Works Best?

Dumbbell rows - back exercises

Keep in mind that I’ve been taking Bang Energy (in a can) for about a year or so prior to writing this comparison. As I’m constantly trying new pre-workouts, Bang Energy has been the one I’ve used the most. It simply works extremely well for me.

Here are my personal highlights for Bang Energy:

  • It kicks in almost immediately (I sip mine on the drive to the gym, which is about 4:30 AM)
  • The mental focus and clarity is the best out of any other pre-workout I’ve taken
  • It gives me sustainable energy to last longer in the gym (I also do 30 minutes of moderate cardio after weight training)
  • There’s absolutely no crash
  • I usually don’t care about flavors, but I like most all of the Bang Energy flavors – my favorite in Rainbow Unicorn, which I save for Friday workouts

So my review of the carbonated Bang Energy is 10/10.

Bang Master Blaster (powder version) works differently for me than the original Bang Energy. In short, it doesn’t kick in as fast. I mix it and chug it before I leave for the gym and actually found myself yawning on the way to the gym a few times. That doesn’t sound like a good start, does it?

The good news is it does gradually kick-in at the beginning of my workout. It just doesn’t have the punch that the carbonated Bang Energy gives me.

Here are my thoughts on Bang Master Blaster:

  • It takes more time to start working than Bang Energy
  • You do get the same sustainable energy (once it kicks-in)
  • There’s definitely no crash or jitters like many pre-workout powders give you
  • The mental focus doesn’t seem as pronounced as it does with Bang Energy
  • The results/effects are consistent

My rating for Bang Master Blaster (powder) is probably about 7/10.

That said, I’ve stopped using the Bang powder pre-workout for my heavy weight training days. Now, I just use it on days when I want to do only cardio or when we (my wife and I) are doing an activity where we want that little extra boost (like walks or kayaking).

In all honesty, once I run out of the powder I probably won’t get it again. But I will continue using the Bang Energy carbonated drinks for my pre-workout. As I mentioned, it’s always consistent and always works.

**You can read more about the supplements that I take and recommend here: What Jason Takes

Your New Pre-Workout Strategy

Cable Flyes chest squeeze

Here’s what happens with almost every pre-workout drink:

  • Day 1: “Wow, this is awesome, raging pumps, extreme focus, and loads of energy!”
  • Day 2: “Eh, I must have not eaten enough the day before or got enough sleep because I don’t have the same energy levels that I did yesterday.”
  • Day 3: “Why am I yawning on the way to the gym?”

Tell me, how many times have you experienced this with pre-workout supplements? Probably about the same as I have.

Now, I probably exaggerated a bit on that. Most pre-workouts will work fine for about a week. But then it’s like your body gets used to the same formula and it’s not as potent as it was the first time you took it.

I have a simple pre-workout strategy for you:

  1. Buy 2 different pre-workout drinks (I recommend different brands as well as different types).
  2. Alternate those two pre-workouts every few days.

For example, I’ll take the Bang energy drink (in a can) for 2-3 days in a row. But then I’ll switch to something like PreFierce by TruFierce, another one of my go-to pre-workout drinks.

After 2-3 days of that, I’ll go back to taking my Bang energy drinks. And sometimes I may stay on the same one for a week or more before alternating. It just depends on how I feel.

Another strategy is to alternate your pre-workout drinks by the body part your training. Here’s an example:

  • Chest and Biceps Day: Bang Energy Drink
  • Leg Day: Bang Energy Drink
  • Back Day: PreFierce (or another pre-workout)
  • Shoulders and Triceps Day: PreFierce (or another pre-workout)
  • Leg Day #2: Bang Energy Drink

If you’re really in-tune with your body then you’ll notice that some formulas may work best for particular muscles than others. So you alternate your pre-workouts accordingly.

**For more info about PreFierce pre-workout, be sure to read my post: PreFierce for Mental Focus, Energy, and Pumps

Train with Passion,


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