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Gain Ripped Muscle Mass: TestoFIERCE Review

If you’re already training hard and eating decent but not making the gains you want, there may be one little problem…

You need to do something to boost your testosterone.

That’s the one thing that will separate you from making gains or remaining stagnant.

Now, you could take something like a pro-hormone or the ‘other stuff.’ But that’s just downright dangerous and your gains disappear as soon as you get off.

And everyone at the gym will ask what happened to you. That’s embarrassing.

The safest and most effective way to boost your testosterone is actually pretty simple. Take the right balance of nutrients that support your testosterone and naturally increase it.

That said, I’m going to share my recommended test booster with you called TestoFierce. You’ll get my complete review, experience, and personal thoughts on how it compares to other test boosters out there.

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TestoFIERCE Ingredients: What’s In It?

TestoFIERCE test booster

Before we dig into the details of how TestoFierce works, my review, and a deep look into the ingredients.

And this is where things get interesting. In fact, this may be the most important part of my TestoFIERCE review…

You’re going to see a specific combination of powerful and effectively-dosed ingredients that I’m going to dive deeper into for you.

If you look closely, there are two things that will stick out:

  1. Most of these ingredients are essential helping your body naturally optimize your hormone levels (I’ll talk more about these, as well as the one’s that may not be necessary)
  2. There’s one very specific combination of supplements in the label that I personally expect in a test booster – in fact, if it doesn’t have this, I won’t even bother – I’ll talk more about that below, too…
  • Serving Size: 7 capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 30
Vitamin D125 mcg
Vitamin K20 mcg
Vitamin B610 mg
Magnesium200 mg
Zinc30 mg
DAA3000 mg
Fenugreek Seed Powder300 mg
Ashwagandha Root Powder300 mg
Asian Ginseng Root Powder150 mg
Boron10 mg
BioPerine5 mg
TestoFIERCE label ingredient

Now I’d like to go a little further into a few of these ingredients and what they actually do…

The Must-Have Formula for Boosting Testosterone

Alright, so here’s the first thing I look for in any testosterone booster. It’s actually a specific formula and many know this is ‘ZMA.’

It’s basically a combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. Now, that may not sound exciting but let me explain why this formula is so important to you if you really want to ramp up your energy, strength, and actually raise your testosterone…

  • For starters, zinc and magnesium are two essential micronutrients that many athletes and bodybuilders are deficient in.
  • This is simply due to their intense lifestyle and training hard. And testosterone is impacted by both.
  • So, not getting enough of these micronutrients could actually hurt your natural testosterone levels.
  • Now, when you throw in the B6 and you’ve got a potent formula for boosting hormone levels and performance.

*There’s a really good explanation of combining zinc, magnesium, and B6 from a medical and scientific view on WebMD here: What is ZMA?

What Does BioPerine Do?

The problem with most testosterone boosters is not the formula but the bioavailability. Unfortunately with many test boosting supplements you’re body is only absorping a small amount of the ingredients.

This is where the trademarked brand BioPerine Black Pepper Fruit Extract comes in to play. In short, BioPerine increases absorption by raising your body’s metabolism. So it’s a powerful dual effect – absorbing micronutrients and fat burning.

Ashwagandha Root Powder

This is an interesting ingredient, and I had to do some research bceause I had never heard of this until I starting taking TestoFIERCE.

Ashwagandha root powder is an ancient medicinal herb that’s actually used to fight stress and anxiety, per Healthline’s article 12 Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha.

But there are also studies that show ow ashwagandha root can increase testosterone levels. In fact, it’s been used to treat fertility issues in men.

There are some other ingredients in TestoFIERCE that I didn’t elaborate on. In my opinion, I could take or leave those.

I don’t think they’re harmful to have by any means. But I honestly don’t feel they do much in regards to boosting testosterone. That’s just my 2 cents…always do your own research!

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My Full PreFIERCE Review

Jason Stallworth flex at Fitness for 10

Before we dive in, there are a few facts about my TestoFIERCE review I’d like for you to know:

  • I had been taking TestoFIERCE for 4 weeks before writing this review
  • I was 45 years old at the time of writing this review
  • My use continued as my initial plan is to stay on TestoFIERCE for at least 10 weeks
  • I actually did not take the full serving size each day – I only took 5 capsules per day instead of 7 (I’ll show you exactly how I split this up below)
  • As this is relevant, my goal is to bring out more muscle definition and cut some fat while preserving dense muscle mass
  • I did not make any drastic changes with my workouts, diet, or other supplements I was taking; everything stayed the same (this is the only way you can truly tell if a new supplement you’re trying to working or not)

My Experience

Of course, I did not expect to feel anything or see results for the first week or so. However, after a week I did feel that I had more energy, not just during my workouts but throughout the day, in general.

Around the 3rd week is when I really started noticing the below results:

  • More muscle definition (I did not change my diet; everything I was doing prior stayed the same)
  • There are a definite libido and sex drive boost, as you would expect from any reputable test booster
  • After the 4th week, my strength did increase on certain lifts, especially my compound lifts, and I was able to pump out more reps; one prime example is my squat – what I was doing for eight reps, I can now do easily for 10

My Usage

Before I get into this, I always recommend following label of any supplement you decide to take.

TestoFIERCE suggests splitting up your doses into 3x a day:

  • 3 capsules with your first meal
  • 2 capsules with your 3rd meal
  • 2 capsules with your evening meal

For me, it’s likely that I’ll forget to take that one serving in the middle of the day. I had two choices…either split it up into just two doses (4 and 3), or simply skip that mid-day dose.

I chose to do the latter. My reason for this is I wanted to see if still noticed results. And I have, surprisingly, even taking a lesser daily dose.

Again, I suggest that you follow the label.

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Pros and Cons of TestoFierce

Now I’d like to breakdown the pros and cons of TestoFierce so that you can decide if it’s right for you…


  • Transparent label – ‘what you see if what you get’ – you know exactly what you’re getting and how much
  • Science-backed formula – I’ll go over the ingredients in-depth for you below
  • Feel awesome pretty much all the time, and this is one of the things I love about TestoFIERCE – endless energy
  • Helps you get stronger and cut fat
  • Workout endurance is greatly boosted in the gym
  • Mental clarity


  • You need to give this a solid 2-3 weeks for visible results (this is actually the case with any natural test booster)
  • You may find that the price tag is a little high; however, there are special deals that help drop that

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Why TestoFIERCE is the Best Testosterone Booster

A huge (no pun intended) part of what I do here at The Muscle Program is test supplements. I do this so that I can give you a truly unbiased review so that you can make an educated decision.

Think of me as your personal supplement guinea pig!

Of the many test boosters I’ve taken over the years, TestoFIERCE is the one that has granted me the best resuts in these two areas:

  • More defined muscle
  • Overall energy and spark

Sure, there are more benefits but those are the ones that really stand out among the other products I’ve tried. So, I’m a new fan of not only TestoFIERCE but the company as well (they have a really awesome team of people).

If you have any questions about this product, just hit me up on my Facebook.

You can order TestoFierce by clicking this link: Get TestoFierce

Also, use my personal discount code at checkout:

Train with Passion,


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