Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver Review: For Strength Gains, Endurance, and Health

In the world of bodybuilding supplements, we’re constantly looking for the latest and greatest product to boost muscle gains.

The problem is that some of the old school tried-and-true supplements are forgotten. One of those I want to highlight is Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver

I say forgotten, but Uni-Liver actually remains a staple among many bodybuilders and weightlifters. And in my review, you’ll see why (and can decide if it’s for you or not). 

What is Uni-Liver?

Uni Liver is an Argentine liver formula containing 30-grain desiccated liver rich in nutrients and essential amino acids. It’s what the first generation bodybuilders took to get their amino acids among other crucial nutrients.

Here’s what you get with Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver:

  • Quality source of heme iron
  • High-quality protein
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, and D, and B vitamins

Uni-Liver is said to be pure as it’s a natural product that comes from grass-fed Argentinean cattle raised with no steroids, pesticides, or hormones.

Another important fact to note is that Uni-Liver is flash-frozen which allows the supplements to remain at its peak of perfection locking in nutrients.

Benefits of Uni-Liver

Below are some of the benefits of taking Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver.

I’ll show you exactly how to take it (there are a few different options I’ve created) in my review below.

deadlifts 405
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Fights fatigue and stress
  • Improves recovery time and repairs muscle tissue
  • Contributes to bone health
  • Protects your liver

Does Uni-Liver Really Work?

Before determining if Universal Uni-Liver works, we need to understand what the product does. Or rather, what the ingredients in Uni-Liver do (and I’ll post what’s on the label below).

I went through the benefits of desiccated liver in the beginning, and we can see that Uni-Liver provides a high-quality source of that desiccated liver (from grass-fed Argentine cattle). But what exactly does that mean for bodybuilders and weightlifters?

Things like bioavailable iron, amino acids, and essential vitamins aren’t super exciting supplements. And this is why they’re often forgotten because they’re not packaged as a new and improved pre-workout or test booster or whatever. In fact, just looking at a label that has the word ‘liver’ on it is, well, kinda boring.

But that’s just it. You see, us bodybuilders and weightlifters not only need those essential nutrients – we need MORE of them because of the stress we put our bodies through in the gym. 

There’s an interesting article about liver extract on WebMD.com backing up the benefits of taking Uni-Liver.

I site this source because WebMD is quick to debunk myths of pretty much every type of supplement. But this review shows evidence that supports the benefits of desiccated liver

Uni-Liver, or really any form of desiccated liver is an awesome and natural way to ensure we’re not deficient. And this, in turn, helps us:

  • Recover from those tough workouts
  • Build size and strength
  • More importantly, keeps us healthy

Where to Buy Uni-Liver

GH Max is absolutely worth adding to your supplement regimen. Especially if you’re goal is mass and strength gains.

It’s loaded with what your body needs to build more muscle and simply be more healthy overall.

Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver Ingredients

Here’s a high-level rundown of what’s in Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver: 

  • Protein 3 g
  • Riboflavin 110 mcg 
  • Niacin 500 mcg
  • Vitamin B6 1 mg
  • Vitamin B12 mcg
  • Calcium 120 mg
  • Phosphorus 100 mg
  • Choline 22 mg
  • Amino Acid Profile

A Note About Universal Nutrition

It’s important that Universal Nutrition has been around since 1977 and grown one of the most hardcore followings of any other supplement brand. There’s a lot to be said for a company that’s been around for that long and still thriving. 

I’m not endorsed by Universal Nutrition but have taken (and still take) many of their supplements. And I’ve never been disappointed. In fact, Animal Pak is one of their products I never go without. 

Jason’s Uni-Liver Review

This isn’t one of those supplements you take to feel something, such as a pre-workout supplement. You won’t notice any results overnight either. It’s not that type of supplement.

And that’s probably why desiccated liver isn’t advertised like all the other hyped-up supplements out there.

The benefits of Uni-Liver have more of a long-term cumulative effect on your body and performance.

universal nutrition uni-liver review

In other words, you’re not going to add 100 lbs to your squat in 30 days, or anything crazy like that with Uni-Liver. But over time you will improve your overall strength and endurance, and more importantly, health.

All that said, after a couple of weeks I did notice an increase in strength and my joints weren’t as sore. I also experienced better moods and had that feeling of just being healthy if that makes sense. 

I also experienced better workouts and I could last longer. Again, this was after a couple of weeks. 

I’ll reiterate, Uni-Liver is for the long-haul. It’s not for short-term gains. 


  • May replace the need for other supplements
  • Fairly inexpensive (cost per serving)
  • Noticeable results after a few weeks in strength, and how you feel
  • Numerous health benefits associated with desiccated liver


  • I have nothing negative here other than this type of product is often overlooked. With that, you have to decide if you want (or can afford) to add another supplement to your regimen. 

How and When to Take Uni-Liver

The label on Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver says to take 1 serving (2 tablets) which each meal. It also states that you can gradually start taking up 4-6 tablets with each meal.

I stayed at 2 tablets throughout the entire jug of Uni-Liver taking them with almost every meal; about 5 times a day. I did not take Uni-Liver during the same meal that I took Universal Animal Pak with (which is my post-workout protein shake).

Other Supplements to Take With Uni-Liver

animal pak review for building muscle

A supplement like Uni-Liver can really be stacked with anything. You still want to take your protein powder, creatine, BCAAs, and pre-workout.

But the #1 supplement I recommend taking with Uni-Liver is Universal’s Animal Pak.

I know I sound like a Universal Nutrition rep, but I’m not. However, I am biased toward that brand because their supplements have always worked well for me (I do take other supplement brands, as you know). 

With Animal Pak and Uni-Liver, you’re pretty much covered as far as vitamins and nutrients go. 

**You can read why I take Animal Pak every day in this post: Jason’s Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Review

Is Universal Nutrition Uni-Liver for You?

I’ll be the first to say that Uni-Liver isn’t for everyone. If you just casually workout, or maybe you work out hard but not at a competitive level, you may not want to add another supplement to all the stuff you’re already taking.

*Even us recreational lifters have 4-5 supplements sitting on top of our fridge. Hey, we love what we do, pro or not!

If you’re competing in any type of events such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, or Crossfit (did I just say Crossfit?), then Uni-Liver is worth considering. 

Again, when we put our bodies through hell and back, we need those extra nutrients. And desiccated liver is a sure way to do it. 

Train with Passion,


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