Dumbbell ShrugsWelcome to my site, TheMuscleProgram.com. I started this site in early 2010 which spawned from my passion for weight training. I’ve written several workout plans and also include some nutrition guides and genuine supplement reviews on here.

My goal with TheMuscleProgram.com is simple: to help you build muscle. I have workout programs for every goal whether you’re bulking or cutting, or just want to get in shape. But at the end of the day we all want more lean muscle and less fat. This stuff isn’t that complicated. The hard part is the drive and determination to train consistently.

My Workout Programs

TheMuscleProgram started with my 12 Week Hardcore Muscle Building Program. This is a mixture of strength training and physique enhancing. Plus there’s a basic meal planning and supplement guide. I’ve also created some more workout programs catered to specific goals. You can read more about those below.

Hardcore Muscle Building Program

Hardcore Muscle Building Program cover MASTERThis is my 12 week Hardcore Muscle Building Program.  It’s also the basis for me started this site, TheMuscleProgram.

This program is based on weight training and also comes with a nutrition and supplement guide.

Click HERE to learn more about my Hardcore Muscle Building Program.

Lean Muscle Workout Plan

The Lean Machine Workout Plan is an 8 week weight training and cardio plan. It’s designed to help you get shredded while gaining lean muscle.

This book also contains many helpful fat burning tips and an explanation of the exercises.

Click HERE to learn more about my Lean Machine Workout Plan.

Mega Mass Workout Plan

Cover - Mega Mass WorkoutThe Mega Mass Workout Plan is an 8 week weight training program designed for hardgainers. The goal is simple. To gain muscle mass.

This book will guide you through each workout step-by-step. I also include helpful mass gaining tips along with nutrition and supplement guides.

Click HERE to learn more about my Mega Mass Workout Plan.

Workouts, Nutrition Guides, & Supplement Reviews

I’d like to point out the three main areas of focus on my site: Weight Training, Nutrition, and Supplements. Weight training became one of my passions in my early years and has remained a priority in my life to this day. It’s something I enjoy and love to do. I also express the importance of nutrition as well as cover some supplements that can help support muscle growth.

315 lb Bench Press

♦ Weight Training Workout Programs – My passion for working out and weight training is the reason I started TheMuscleProgram.com. I love the weights. I train at least five days a week in the early mornings. I feel strength training in general is the healthiest thing you can do. I have several workout programs that I’ve created as well as workouts by body part. All of my workouts can be found in the link below:

♦ Nutrition Guides – At TheMuscleProgram.com, I teach you to replace the evil word ‘diet‘ with nutrition. This is an imperative rule. I don’t believe in merely restricting calories. Rather, I believe in feeding your body the proper nutrition it needs to function, build muscle, and help your body perform optimally by utilizing calories for energy (aka: burn fat). I have an array of meal plans in the link below:

♦ Supplement Reviews – I have several supplement reviews on TheMuscleProgram.com. These are genuine reviews, meaning I have taken every supplement thats reviewed on my site. I also promote a small list of products that you can’t buy in stores. Out of the hundreds of supplements I could promote, I have only chosen a select few simply because they have worked well for me. You can check out all of my supplement reviews below.

Top 3 Supplements

The below supplements above are considered my top 3 bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplements. I don’t promote a ton of products, only a small handful that I’ve had notable results from.

#1 – TestoFuel – Test Booster for Lean Muscle Gains

TestoFuel New

TestoFuel is one of the few test boosters that actually produces results. It works by increasing your natural testosterone levels. Along with helping you gain lean muscle and increasing libido, you get the health benefits of higher test levels.

TestoFuel doesn’t shut down your natural testosterone production. And there are no harmful side effects. The formula is a very unique and effective blend and the ingredients are from pure sources.

Click here to read my full TestoFuel review

#2 – Instant Knockout – Extreme Conditioning Agent

Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout is a fat burner that was originally created for MMA fighters. It’s designed to help you get into extreme conditioning. It works by boosting your metabolism and forcing your body to burn fat more efficiently.

Instant Knockout is it also helps you preserve hard earned muscle while dieting. This is the perfect fat burner for those training for a bodybuilding or physique competition. It’s also great for those that need to maintain high energy levels for longer and more demanding workouts.

Click here for my full Instant Knockout review

#3 – Hyper Gain – Strength & Power Gains

Hyper Gain Muscle Builder Creatine Kre-Alkalyn Supplement

Hyper Gain from ASR is a creatine-based supplement for gaining mass and strength. It uses Kre-Alkalyn, which is to date the most effective type of creatine that’s absorbed and does not promote water retention like regular creatine monohydrate.

Kre-Alkalyn is just part of the Hyper Gain formula. There’s a list of effective ingredients that compliment one another and proven to pack on muscle and increase power.

Click here for my full Hyper Gain review

What Makes TheMuscleProgram Unique

What makes TheMuscleProgram.com unique from all of the other bodybuilding and fitness websites? The biggest (no pun intended) difference is that I write all of my own content. Most of the workout and fitness websites out there hire people to write their articles and content, so it’s not genuine or authentic (a lot of the content is rewritten!). It’s a lot of work, but I write all of the reviews, articles, workouts, nutrition plans, and so forth.

I also have an extremely active workout blog and keep you updated with my own workout routine, nutrition plan, and supplements I’m taking. So you’ll see what works for me and what doesn’t, and that may be beneficial to you in your quest for muscle (make sure you subscribe to my newsletter on the top right).

About TheMuscleProgram

A personal note: I’m obviously not a pro bodybuilder nor am I an athlete. I’m just a normal dude who loves to train! On my site, I emphasize on what we all want; to build as much lean muscle as possible while cutting out the fat. All of the information on this site is a series of my own personal experiences through trial and error (and yes, I write all of the content on TheMuscleProgram.com).

There are two things I’ve learned from my experience in this journey to build muscle without having gifted genetics:

1) There’s no one particular method that works for everyone as we’re all unique. This goes for training, nutrition, and supplementation.

2) Despite the former, there are a hand full of tried and true basics that work for most people. At the end of the day you have to find what works for you and that’s the beauty of this journey. Hopefully The Muscle Program site will help you with that.

TheMuscleProgram’s Mission Statement

My Mission here at TheMuscleProgram is to provide you with helpful tips and information related to weight training, bodybuilding, nutrition, and supplements to build muscle and lose fat as well as living an overall healthy and active lifestyle. Most of us aren’t necessarily aspiring to be competitive bodybuilders or professional athletes. However, we train just as hardcore simply because it’s a part of who we are. It’s the lifestyle we choose and it’s our passion.

Important: this site is for men AND women. I know some women that train circles around most men. You women that are passionate about building and shaping muscle, and training hardcore, this site is for you as well. The truth is that everyone despite their gender can benefit substantially from building muscle. And that’s what TheMuscleProgram.com is all about.

Train with Passion,


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