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Universal Nutrition GH Max Review: Naturally Boost Growth Hormone

July 5, 2019

universal nutrition GH Max review

If you want to gain more muscle and strength, it’s crucial to optimize your growth hormone levels. There are 2 ways to do that:

  1. Naturally
  2. Unnaturally with drugs

I personally prefer that the natural route, and I’m going to show you how in my Universal Nutrition GH Max review.

Even better, I’m going to share what you can stack GH Max with for even bigger gains, and give you some additional tips on how to naturally boost GH. It’s grow-time! 

What is GH Max?

Universal Nutrition GH Max is a formula that supports the increase of human growth hormone levels. Here’s how GH Max works:

  • Has an anti-catabolic (muscle wasting) formula
  • Increase nitrogen retention
  • Enhances protein synthesis to build more muscle
  • Promotes deep sleep

I must harp on that point about sleep. No matter what you’re taking (or not taking), you will not raise growth hormone without deep, restful sleep. Because during this time is when growth hormone is actually released in your body. 

GH Max contains vitamin C and B6, arginine, ornithine, beta-sitosterol, carnitine, gamma oryzanol, and boron.

I’ve done a little research on some of these ingredients and they seem to be effective for creating an environment for increased growth hormone levels.

We’ll dive deeper into the label, but let’s first take a look at the benefits of GH Max. 

Benefits of GH Max

heavy incline dumbbell press
  • Helps you wake up fully rest (especially important if you train in the mornings like I do)
  • Gives you a proper ratio of nutrients that create an anabolic response in your body
  • Promotes deep, restful sleep when taken consistently at the same time each night
  • Helps you train with more intensity
  • Increases muscle mass and strength gains

Does GH Max Really Work?

No matter what a growth hormone supplement claims to do, it means nothing if it doesn’t work. So, does GH Max really work?  I mean, does it truly boost growth hormone?

You need to first understand that GH Max is not a synthetic version of HGH. Not even close. So the supplement itself does not automatically increase growth hormone.

It’s not like ‘Hey bro, I just took GH Max and my GH levels are through the roof!’

However, the ratio of nutrients you get with GH Max triggers your body to create and release it’s own growth hormone, naturally. And it does take time to start working. 

So yes, GH Max does indeed work. And I’ll cover more of that in my GH Max review below. 

**There’s a ton of over the counter supplements that claim to boost growth hormone levels. Knowing the benefits of increased growth hormone, it’s no surprise.  I mean, GH is kinda like taking a dip in the fountain of youth. 

The problem is there’s no magic pill that’s going to work like injecting the real HGH. So you should not expect any supplement to work like that overnight. 

But you can indeed naturally boost your growth hormone with a blend of nutrients that promote healthy GH levels and help promote deep sleep. GH Max is one of the supplements that work for this.  

Where to Buy GH Max

GH Max is absolutely worth adding to your supplement regimen. Especially if you’re goal is mass and strength gains.

It’s loaded with what your body needs to build more muscle and simply be more healthy overall.

Universal GH Max Ingredients

Here’s a high-level rundown of what’s in Universal Nutrition GH Max: 

  • Vitamin B6
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Ornithine HCI
  • Phytosterols
  • Carnitine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Gamma Oryzanol

I do like seeing arginine and glutamine in there. The arginine is also appropriately dosed at 5 grams (I’d like to see a higher dose of glutamine). 

I later did my own research on the other ingredients listed, as I didn’t have any knowledge of L-Ornithine HCI or Gamma Oryzanol. But I quickly found out how effective these are. 

A Note About Universal Nutrition

It’s important that Universal Nutrition has been around since 1977 and grown one of the most hardcore followings of any other supplement brand. There’s a lot to be said for a company that’s been around for that long and still thriving. 

I’m not endorsed by Universal Nutrition but have taken (and still take) many of their supplements. And I’ve never been disappointed. In fact, Animal Pak is one of their products I never go without. 

Jason’s GH Max Review

universal nutrition GH Max review

I can’t honestly attest to an increase in my own growth hormone levels because I did not get my GH levels tested before or after taking GH Max. This is probably case-in-point with all of us (I don’t even know how to test my GH!). 

Instead, I will simply share my results from taking GH Max.

Taking GH Max to help me fall asleep faster, and my sleep was extremely restful. In fact, you can expect some weird dreams for the first couple of weeks.

That said, I woke up much more rested. I train in the early mornings so this was helped me have better more intense workouts.

Those results are proof that natural growth hormone levels were elevated. And of course, better sleep helped me feel better throughout the day. And being able to train harder helped me build more muscle and get stronger.  All of that is the effects of boosted GH. 


  • My sleep was GOOD! 
  • Waking up more rested helped me kill my morning workouts
  • All-natural, no synthetic or harmful junk
  • No side effects at all, other than some weird dreams
  • Pretty cheap to add to your supplement stack (I would expect this to be more expensive)


  • I wish it contained ZMA (it has vitamin B6 but needs zinc and magnesium) – that would make GH Max that much more powerful! 

Best Times to Take GH Max

The label states to take 6 tablets per day, on an empty stomach, like this:

  • 4 before you workout
  • 2 before bed

As a disclaimer, I always suggest that you follow the label. Keep it simple.

I experimented a little further with this and decided to take more at the time when my natural growth hormone levels are more likely to be boosted; while I sleep. 

So at first, I took all 6 tablets of GH Max at night before bed, about 30 minutes after my night time protein shake.

After about 3 weeks I decided to take 4 tablets instead of 6 to see if the results I was seeing would change (I took the other 2 before workouts, so just reversed what the labels recommend). I slept better taking 6. 

I ultimately went back to taking all 6 GH Max pills before bed. Now, this may have something to do with the fact that I train in the early mornings. If you train in the evenings as most do, my method may not work as well for you.

*In all reality, you should just follow the label. Universal knows what they’re doing!

GH Max Video Review

What to Stack GH Max With

Universal Nutrition Animal Test and GH Max Stack for gains

The ultimate bodybuilding or powerlifting supplement stack is one that boosts both testosterone and growth hormone. Those 2 hormones are essential for muscle and strength gains.

That said, the perfect GH-Test stack is:

GH Max stacked with Animal Test

Both are Universal Nutrition supplements. I’ve always taken this stack and yeah, it’s extremely powerful! Both supplements complement one another for some massive gains! 

**You can read my about my experience with Animal Test in this post: Jason’s Universal Nutrition Animal Test Review

Is Universal Nutrition GH Max for You?

I’ve never been a huge fan of supplements that claim to naturally raise testosterone and growth hormone levels.

Why? Well, most of what I’ve tried in the past turned out to be a complete waste of money. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences with such supplements. 

But to me, Universal Nutrition GH Max stands out among the rest. It’s truly one of the few bodybuilding supplements that contain a proper formula for promoting growth hormone release. And you the rest from my review prove that. 

Now you may ask why I didn’t just take a sleep aid to boost GH levels. There are 2 reasons…

  1. I’ve tried those before and most of them don’t work that great. And many of them knock you out only to make groggy the next day. 
  2. I wanted to try something that had ingredients that are scientifically proven to naturally raise growth hormone. 

I figured if I could find something that would put me into a deeper sleep plus had ingredients that would promote muscle growth, that would be a double whammy. And it looks like I found that with GH Max.

Train with Passion,


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