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4 Gauge Review: Best Pre-Workout for Mental Focus and Energy

June 28, 2019

4 gauge pre workout review

The problem with most pre-workouts is they’re overloaded with stimulants – this is why they only work great for the first few days. 

I’ve found a pre-workout supplement that shifts it’s focused on mental focus, pumps, and what I call sustainable energy. And I’ll share more on how that all works in my 4 Gauge pre workout review

Oh, and I’m also going to show you what other supplements you can stack 4 Gauge with…

And this is why most supplement reviews suck – they don’t tell you all the other stuff they’re taking! 

What Type of Pre Workout is 4 Gauge?

Do you rely on pre-workout supplements? I freely admit that I do!

I mean, why workout without them if you know your workout is going to be better with them? Duh! 

  • Workout WITH pre-workout = awesome workout!
  • Workout WITHOUT pre-workout = awesome workout!

4 GAUGE is a pre-workout supplement that is driven towards mental focus, energy (sustainable energy, which I will explain later), and pumps. 

Although energy is part of any pre-workout, 4 Gauge is not overloaded with stimulants. The manufacturer also prides itself on the purity of the ingredients. So I’ll put all of this to the test in my 4 Gauge pre workout review. 

I’m also going to share a few things I don’t like about 4 Gauge.

Benefits of Taking 4 Gauge Pre Workout

4 Gauge pre workout for muscle gains
  • ​Better pumps during your workouts
  • Helps you workout longer and harder
  • Extreme mental focus
  • No jitters no crash

4 Gauge vs Other Pre Workouts

How does 4 Gauge compare to the other leading pre-workout supplements? Here’s a chart below to show what 4 Gauge does vs other pre-workouts

4 gauge vs other pre workouts

4 Gauge Ingredients – Label

Now let’s dive into the 4 Gauge pre-workout ingredients.  The cool thing is the amount of each ingredient is listed on the label.

There are no proprietary blends. This should be a huge plus to you because it’s important to know what you’re putting into your body (and how much!). 

4 gauge pre workout ingredients label
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 4 Gauge is not overloaded with caffeine (150 mg); rather, it has the precise amount to get you going 
  • L-Theanine – Gives energy without the crash!
  • Creatine Monohydrate – The ‘proven to work’ type of creatine
  • L-Citrulline DL Malate – Top ingredient in pre-workouts for pumps
  • Red Beet – Boosts endurance helping you workout longer and harder
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Promotes cognitive function and mental focus 
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Fight fatigue – this is the ingredient that gives you sustainable muscle energy during your workouts
  • Coconut Water Powder – Helps keep you hydrated by restoring your electrolyte levels

My 4 Gauge Pre Workout Review

4 gauge pre workout review

My 4 Gauge review is based on my first time taking it for 3 consecutive weeks. At this time, I was working out 5 days a week. It was somewhat of a typical bodybuilding workout routine

My schedule looked like this:

  • Monday: Back 
  • Tuesday: Chest
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Shoulders
  • Friday: Arms
  • Saturday/Sunday: Rest

I only took 4 Gauge on workout days. And I only took 1 scoop each time (I’ll get more into this below). 

Below are the key highlights of my 4 Gauge experience:

  • It took about 15-20 minutes to kick in
  • There was no extreme surge of energy, but I did experience elevated energy during my workouts
  • The pumps were pretty awesome!
  • The greatest highlight is probably the mental focus, which really helps with the mind-muscle connection

How Many Scoops of 4 Gauge?

With most every…actually, with every pre-workout supplement I’ve taken, I’ve had to up the dose at some point.

I always start with 1 scoop. But after a few days it wears off, and I usually have to increase to 1.5 to 2 scoops. 

4 Gauge is literally the only pre-workout where 1 scoop worked the same every single time. It’s consistent. 


  • Consistent results, every time, every workout
  • Only takes 1 scoop
  • Insane pumps!
  • Mental focus greatly enhanced – the brain was firing on all cylinders
  • No crash, no jitters
  • Doesn’t give you that huge surge of energy (not all geeked up)
  • Pure ingredients, and no proprietary blends


  • Only 15 servings – ugh, I really wish they’d make this at least 20 servings as that would last for the whole month, assuming you train 5 days a week 
  • If you’re looking for that extreme surge of energy right away, 4 Gauge may not be for you
  • The creatine is dosed WAY TOO LOW
  • You have to buy multiple bottles for it to be worth it

Does 4 Gauge Make You Jittery?

I want to revisit this because this is the problem with most pre-workouts. They make you jittery in the beginning, and then guess what happens? A huge crash and burn!!

Another benefit of taking 4 Gauge pre-workout is you don’t get the jitters or the crash. This is due to 2 things in the ingredients…

  1. 4 Gauge isn’t hyped up with cheap stimulants
  2. There are other ingredients that give you sustainable muscle energy that lasts throughout your workout

What to Stack with 4 Gauge

Now for the fun (and honest) part! No, my 4 Gauge review is not based on taking 4 Gauge alone!

Seriously, I laugh at most supplement reviews because they don’t take into account what else they’re taking. So I’m going to give you the supplements I stack with 4 Gauge to make it even more effective.

  • BCAAs – The #1 thing to stack with 4 Gauge pre-workout is BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids
  • Creatine – As I mentioned in the ‘Cons’ 4 Gauge doesn’t contain an adequate amount of creatine, so I add more creatine to the mix 
  • Multivitamin – Something I take in all my supplement stacks
  • Protein powder – Another supplement in all of my stacks, especially for post-workout shakes

Do you have to stack 4 Gauge to get results? Eh, maybe it’s not absolutely necessary.

But if all you can afford is one supplement, I would not recommend spending that on a pre-workout.

Rather, pick up some multivitamins, and then do something on the side to make more money so that you can increase your supplement budget!

Is 4 Gauge Pre Workout for You?

Look, not every supplement works the same for everyone.  I’m living proof of that. And chances are, so are you.

How many times has your gym buddy said ‘Hey bro, you’ve gotta try this new pre-workout!’ 

Then you take it and it doesn’t do jack for you, but it’s working awesomely for your buddy.

So I can’t guarantee 4 Gauge will work the same for you. I can only tell the reasons why I like it so much, which are:

  • It’s consistent; 4 Gauge works the same, every time (for me)
  • Only 1 scoop is needed – you don’t have to continuously increase the dose
  • The ‘focus’ is on mental focus and pumps, not jittery hyped-up energy that doesn’t last

And I like that it’s not overloaded with stimulants. That’s why most pre-workouts only work great for a few days, and then the effects diminish. Your body quickly adapts to those stimulants. 

4 Gauge has just enough caffeine to give you that boost of energy, but the core benefits of this pre-workout are based on mental focus, pumps, and what I call sustainable muscle energy. 

Train with Passion,


Where to Buy 4 Gauge

4 Gauge pre workout for muscle gains

Are you ready to ditch your crappy pre-workout and start taking 4 Gauge? You can order now directly through the manufacturer! 

Just click the button below and it will take you to the 4 Gauge website.

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