Your New Complete Plan For  Continuous Mass Gains

You Need a Strategy for Continuous Gains

You love training, you love lifting weights, and no one wants to be around you if you have to miss a day in the gym! It's your passion.

The problem is that we all eventually hit that wall where we stop making gains. You know you need to do something different, maybe mix up your workouts or go with a completely different routine - you're just not sure what to do.

You need a clear-cut plan of action if you want to make continuous progress in the gym.

There are 3 strategies you can use to break past your plateau.

1) It's time to change your workouts. Our muscles quickly adapt to the same workout program. So it's important to know when to change things up.

2) Start using techniques that will make your workouts more intense and shock your muscles. Even simple things like drop sets or rest-pause sets will do wonders.

3) Follow a proven training strategy where you don't have to guess, like my 12-week program for continuous gains...

Your Goals and How You Will Achieve Them...

Continuous Gains

Your workouts will have subtle changes every 2 weeks, continuously shocking your muscles.

Effective Workouts

You'll learn how and when to use specific training techniques to make your workouts more effective.

Bodybuilder Physique

The structure of your workouts combined with the techniques you'll use will give you that bodybuilder physique with full, round muscle bellies. 

Jacked and Strong

Although the main goal of your workouts is hypertrophy, you'll also make some impressive strength gains while on this program.

Your Strategy to Making Continuous Mass Gains

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No matter what level you're at, there's a tough-love truth about gaining muscle. You can't stray too far from the basic muscle-building principles. 

Even though your workouts need an overhaul, you still need to keep the fundamental mass building exercises in your program, and build everything else around that. 

This is why it's so important that you know the proper sequence of exercise, sets and reps, and when to use special techniques to get the most out of every workout.

That's exactly what your new 12-week mass building program is all about, and this is one o many reasons why it will work for you. 

Get instant access to the Hardcore Muscle Building Program now!

It's time to start your 12-week program of continuous muscle gains. You'll get 6 detailed workout routines, 'how to' guide for each exercise, nutrition and supplement guide, and more. 

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Product Overview 

The Hardcore Muscle Building Program is more than just a workout program. Each module addresses different areas of building muscle that other programs leave out. Plus, you're getting the full spectrum with the added meal planning and supplement guidance.

  1. 1
    Changing your mindset is the first module of your new program. You've got to get your head right, and this program shows you how. But it goes further and gives you daily actionable items to make sure you're mind is constantly primed for making gains. 
  2. 2
    Continuous measurable progress with subtle changes every 2 weeks is going to be your strategy for making gains. No more stale workouts. The flow of this program will keep you on your toes and keep you making gains.
  3. 3
    Being better today than you were yesterday is the #1 goal of this program.  You're going to learn techniques, how and when to implement them, and how to make every gym session count. 
  4. 5
    Strategies that command your muscles to grow is the key component that you'll see throughout the program. It's not just the workouts, but the breakdown of how you maximize your gains every time you step foot in the gym.
  5. 6
    A library of muscle building exercises is also included but it gos further than just 'how to' do each exercise. You get inside tips on how to tweak the movements and force your muscles to work harder, thus gain more muscle mass.  


My name is Jason, creator of website and author of the Hardcore Muscle Building Program.

Like you, I have a passion for building muscle and I want you share the insights that have helped me along the way. We're in this together!

Jason Stallworth

Start Making Serious Muscle Gains

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