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Hardcore Muscle Building Program


Start making mass gains today by starting the Hardcore Muscle Building Program.

This is your new 12-week weight training program designed for one specific purpose: build more muscle.

You’ll learn the proven strategies to force your muscles to grow and shock them into continuous growth.

Your program also contains a nutrition and supplement guide.

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Make serious mass gains with the Hardcore Muscle Building Program.

This is a full 12-week mass building program that will force your muscles to grow.

If your goal is packing on muscle mass, this program is for you.

Hardcore Muscle Building Program includes:

  • Mindset for mass gains
  • Images and descriptions for core exercises
  • Everything you need to know before starting the program
  • Techniques you’ll use to maximize your time in the gym
  • 6-phases of weight training workouts (and details)
  • Training for cardio and abs
  • Nutrition guide
  • Supplement guide
  • What to do after you finish the program

What You Need:

*If you do not have these then this program isn’t for you. 

  • Access to a full gym
  • 12-week commitment
  • Desire to make building muscle a priority
  • Positive attitude
  • No excuses!

Start building more mass now!