7 Reasons Why I Take TestoFuel – TestoFuel Review

The most crucial element of building muscle is testosterone. And we’re constantly looking for ways to boost test. Increased testosterone is also responsible for reducing body fat, improving sense of well-being, and, yes, boosting libido.

I’d like to introduce you one of the few test boosters that’s given me real results. I’ll thoroughly go over the label and will give you my experience below.


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What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a supplement designed to help your body produce more of its own testosterone. One of the things I favor about TestoFuel is that they do not hide the ingredients behind a propriety blend.

What you see on the label is exactly what you’re getting. No fillers, no pulled punches, and no long weird names you can’t pronounce. I’ve included a short description of the ingredients in my TestoFuel review.

TestoFuel is for you if you want:

  • Lean muscle gains (no water retention)
  • Strength gains and increased power
  • Keep muscle when dieting
  • Enhanced energy and drive
  • Increased libido

TestoFuel Ingredients

I normally don’t get into specifics as to what’s on the label. But there are some points I want to make in my TestoFuel review.

Some supplements have a long list of ingredients, which half of them you cant even pronounce. And of course the formula is scientifically proven. Fortunately that’s not the case here. Here are the ingredients:

〉 Oyster Extract – This is the primary ingredient in TestoFuel. I’ve personally never heard of it prior to taking this. I did a little research on this and I can see where it can help give you a boost.

〉 Zinc – This is a no-brainer to me and should be in every test booster.

〉 Magnesium – See my thoughts on Zinc above. The same apply.

〉 Vitamin B6 – I’ve always been a fan of B vitamins in general. What’s cool is this mixed with zinc and magnesium is the old school ZMA formula.

〉 Vitamin D – This is another ingredient I feel should be in every testosterone booster. Chances are you don’t get enough in our diet (exposure to sun is another natural way to get it, but that’s usually inconsistent unless you work outside).

〉 Ginseng – Ginseng is known to help reduce hormones that cause low testosterone. There are some other health benefits associated.

〉 Fenugreek – I really don’t know much about this stuff other than it’s supposed to enhance libido.

D-Aspartic Acid – I’m not certain about DAA; there hasn’t been enough research on it’s effects. And what’s out there is conflicting. I guess it can’t hurt to be included.

My TestoFuel Experience

So, does TestoFuel work? Well, let me clear the air on something first. I don’t know for certain if TestoFuel substantially increases testosterone. In fact, I don’t have proof that any over the counter test booster does.

I do have proof that it helped me build more muscle, get stronger, and get leaner. This doesn’t mean it’s not a magic pill. It’s not. You still have to train hard. In fact, you should be training even harder on this stuff. As the title states, there’s seven core reasons why I use TestoFuel.

1) The ability to tighten up while gaining lean muscle

2) Elevated energy levels throughout the day

3) Increased strength and power

4) Able to train harder and for longer durations

5) Ingredients clearly listed on the label

6) Effectively dosed ingredients

7) No side harmful side effects

Let me reiterate that my TestoFuel isn’t meant to make this sound like a miracle pill. It’s not. And there are some rules that need to be followed if you decide to take this supplement. I’ll go over those below.

* I broke a PR on my bench while taking TestoFuel

405 lb Bench Press | TestoFuel Review | Best Test Booster


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TestoFuel + Training + Food

I’m going to go over my training as well as some other important factors in my TestoFuel review. It should go without saying that if you’re training half-assed and eating crap-food, then you may be disappointed with the best test booster or supplements. Now that we’ve got that out of the way…

⇒ Train Heavy on TestoFuel – First and foremost, I was training heavy on TestoFuel. I typically do this with any test booster. I feel like I got more out of it by pushing more weight.

That being said, I was also pumping out more reps with more weight and my overall workouts were more intense than usual.

And heavy doesn’t necessarily mean powerlifting, although TestoFuel does indeed grant strength gains. But heavy is relative. It simply means overloading the muscle.

⇒ Give it Time to Work – As with most over the counter testosterone boosters you probably won’t feel anything right away. So I didn’t expect to feel or see any major changes in my physique and strength for the first week or so. After a couple of weeks of taking it (three capsules a day as per the label), the first thing I started noticing was an enhanced overall sense of well-being.

TestoFuel is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that the majority of us don’t get in our regular diet no matter how healthy we may be eating. I also noticed my muscles becoming harder and I felt more pumped but it took a couple of weeks for me to get to this point as well.

Results with TestoFuel – The highlight of my TestoFuel review is my muscles were harder and body overall was tighter. My strength also increased as I broke the plateau I had hit.

I also found I was cutting fat despite the fact that I was eating more. I attribute this to the intensity of the workouts while I was taking TestoFuel.

Not a Prohormone – Don’t confuse Testo Fuel with prohormones or anything that claims to give you unrealistic results. That being said, there are no harmful side effects.

TestoFuel is natural test booster than utilizes safe yet extremely effective ingredients. More importantly, the ingredients are form pure sources.

TestoFuel Cycle – TestoFuel is effective on it’s own. But I recommend staying on it for at least a full 8 week cycle to get the most out of it, preferably 12. This is really the case with any testosterone booster.

What Makes TestoFuel the Best Test Booster

We can clearly see how TestoFuel helps grant the attributes of increased testosterone in regards to lean muscle. But I’d also like to share some of the health benefits I’ve found with this supplement.

TestoFuel Review: Health-Related Key Points

∞ The oyster extract alone could very well replace your daily multi-vitamin. This key ingredient is one of the reasons I deem TestoFuel as the best test booster.

∞ TestoFuel provides essential fatty acids.

∞ A proven supplement to enhance men’s health

∞ You no longer have to spend extra money on the herbs Ginseng and Fenugreek.

∞ You don’t have to take an anti-estrogen product with or after taking Testo Fuel.

∞ If you’re taking the effective ZMA formula, you no longer need to as TestoFuel contains zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.


TestoFuel Review: My Thoughts

As I mentioned in my TestoFuel review video above, one of the first things that sparked my interest is the clear-cut NO BS label. They tell you exactly what’s in the product, and exactly how much.

You can take the recommended dose, or you can bump it up a notch if you’re an experienced lifter. I also believe TestoFuel can replace many other supplements, which drastically reduces your monthly supplement bill.

TestoFuel has been on of my top supplements since I discovered it back in 2012. In my opinion, it’s one of the more effective supplements and can be used for a variety of goals from bulking up to cutting. It’s also considered an alternative to prohormones or anabolics. TestoFuel is definitely worth adding to your exercise and supplement regimen.

Please fee free to leave comments on my TestoFuel review. I’m interested to hear about your experience as well.

Train with Passion,

Jason Stallworth


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