Workouts By Muscle Group

January 5, 2019

lat pulldowns for huge and ripped back

If you’re looking for some new workouts you can do, you’re in the right place. Below, you’re going to get the best workouts by muscle group.

In fact, you can build an entire workout routine from this post. Even better, you’ll also get some methods to help make your workouts more effective for muscle gains.

Here are the details of what you will get…

  • Different types of muscle-building and strength training workouts for each body part
  • Targeted workouts that focus on growing specific parts of the muscle
  • Workouts using both high and low reps, heavyweights, compound lifts, and isolated exercises
  • Methods you can use to make your workouts more effective
  • Links to in-depth resources for training each body part

Are you ready to make some serious gains?  Keep reading…


Make Your Workouts More Effective

Before we jump into the workouts, it’s important to explain the techniques you will be using on some of these workouts.  

  • Drop sets: This is where you perform a set and immediately reduce the amount of weight by about 40% and perform another set.
  • Rest-pause sets: Perform a set, rest 7-10 seconds, and perform another set using the same weight.
  • Supersets: Perform a set and immediately perform a set of a different exercise.  

These weight training methods will make your workouts more intense and will also help you exhaust the muscle, ultimately leading to more growth (assuming you’re doing everything else right to recover…aka food and rest!).

Remember, you have to do more than just show up at the gym. You really need to push yourself and force your muscles to work harder. These methods will help you do that!  

Chest Workouts

Cable flyes crossovers for ripped chest

You may have different chest training goals than someone else, but at the end of the day, we all want a huge and well-defined chest.

To make this happen, you must use a combination of heavyweights with isolated exercises that target those muscles.  It’s also important to force the chest muscles to work, ensuring you feel the muscle in every rep. 

**TIP: Monday is typically International Chest Day in most gyms, so train chest on Tuesday!

Below you’ll find a basic chest workout for beginners followed by an array of chest workouts for specific purposes.

Basic Chest Workout
Dynamic Chest Workout
Massive Chest Workout
Powerbuilding Chest Workout
Upper Chest Workout

Basic Chest Workout

Chest Exercises Sets Reps
Bench press 3 10, 10, 8
Incline dumbbell press 3 10, 10, 8
Dumbbell flyes 3 10

This Basic Chest Workout is great for…

  • Beginners
  • If you’re just getting back into the gym after a break
  • Deloading chest workout (workout between heavy, intense programs)

You will start this basic chest workout with basic compound exercises, in which you’ll go up in weight about 10 lbs or so each set.  Then you’ll finish with an isolation exercise where the focus is contracting your chest muscles throughout each rep. 

And yes, this workout will work for everyone because the focus is on just a few basic muscle-building chest exercises.  If you do these exercises with intensity, you will grow. 

Basic Chest WorkoutTips:

  • Go up in weight about 10 lbs. each set for the first two exercises
  • Focus on form and contracting your chest muscles

Dynamic Chest Workout

Chest Exercises Sets Reps
Incline bench press 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Dumbbell flyes 3 12
Decline bench press 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Incline dumbbell flyes 3 12

I call this the Dynamic Chest Workout because you will be alternating a compound (pressing) exercise an isolated (flye) exercises.  

This will be a bit different than the standard bodybuilding chest workout, which normally consists of all pressing exercises until the end.  But that’s okay because it’s good to change your workouts now and then, and this dynamic chest workout will certainly shake things up. 

This chest workout routine is designed to…

  • Pump more blood into your muscles
  • Help you overload the muscle faster
  • Work different angles of your chest

Dynamic Chest WorkoutTips:

  • Go heavy on the pressing exercises to build muscle and strength (make sure you have a trusted spotter)
  • Give yourself about a minute rest between the compound sets
  • Contract your chest muscles throughout each rep on the isolated exercises
  • Only rest 30-40 seconds between sets of the isolation exercises

Massive Chest Workout

Chest Exercises Sets Reps
Bench press 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Incline bench press 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Dumbbell press 4 10, 8, 6, 6*
Cable or pec-dec flyes 3 12*

* = drop set on final set

The name says it all…Massive Chest Workout.   This workout is about gaining sheer size, but not sloppy size (what I’m saying is let’s make muscle gains, not fat gains!). 

The goal is to also shape the chest while building dense muscle.  this workout is catered towards helping you build a massive chest.  How do you do that?  Through a balance of pushing heavy weights and making sure you do enough reps to pump blood into the muscle. 

This workout is for you if you…

  • Are committed to doing what it takes to build a bigger chest
  • Are ready to push yourself to the next level of mass gains

Massive Chest WorkoutTips:

  • It’s best to have a motivated training partner that can spot you on those heavy sets 
  • Rest up to a minute and a half between the last two sets of the pressing exercises. 
  • On the drop sets, reduce the weight by 40% and pump out as many reps as you can until complete muscle failure
  • Rest 30 seconds between each set of flyes

Powerbuilding Chest Workout

Chest Exercises Sets Reps
Bench press 5 5
Dumbbell pullovers 3 8
Incline dumbbell press 3 10*
Cable or pec-dec flyes 3 10*

* = drop set on final set

This is one of my all-time favorite chest workouts!  The Powerbuilding Chest Workout is designed to help you do two things:

  1. Get stronger (specifically increasing your bench press)
  2. Build and shape your chest muscles  

In this chest workout, you’re doing a hybrid between powerlifting and bodybuilding.  The strength building part of the workout is using the 5×5 method, which has been the culprit of strength building for decades.  Then you’ll move on to more of a bodybuilding training style. 

This workout is for you if you…

  • Want to increase your bench press numbers
  • Are concerned about body composition and muscle definition (let’s just be honest…we all want a good-looking chest!)

Powerbuilding Chest WorkoutTips:

  • For 5×5, you would typically you’d stick with the same weight for all 5 sets. However, I prefer to start a little lighter and move up each set.  It’s your call, but all sets need to be heavy. 
  • Rest up to two minutes (if needed) between 5×5 sets 
  • Get a good stretch on the dumbbell pullovers (this is an old-school chest exercise that is rarely seen now – look it up on how to perform it)
  • Go all-out to failure on the drop sets, as this is where the real muscle building starts

Upper Chest Workout

Chest Exercises Sets Reps
Incline bench press 4 6-8
Incline dumbbell press 4 8-10
Incline dumbbell flyes 4 8-10*
Hammer Strength incline press 3 10**

* = drop set on final set
** = rest-pause sets on all 3 sets

I believe it was Jay Cutler (4-time Mr. Olympia) who once said ‘You can’t have too much upper chest.‘  In fact, this is an area that many lack size and development.

The Upper Chest Workout will fix those problems. Do this workout if…

  • You need more size in your upper chest
  • You incline bench is weak
  • You want an overall bigger and more developed chest

Upper Chest WorkoutTips:

  • Make sure you have a spotter for the first exercise as you need to go heavy on incline bench press
  • Keep the rest between sets less than a minute for everything
  • If your gym does not have Hammer Strength machines, any incline or upper chest machine will do.  If this is not an option, go back to incline dumbbells. 

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Back Workouts

10 x 10 back workout german volume training

The majority of your upper muscle mass comes from your back.  With that said, Back Workouts should take priority over everything else. 

So forget about wanting just a big chest and arms!  That’s for amateurs. 

Back is also a complex muscle group.  It needs to be worked with heavyweights but also at a variety of angles using different exercises.  

A thick and wide back separates physiques of excellence from mediocre physiques.  You decide which one you want (I’m giving you workouts below to be the former!). 

Below you’ll find a basic back workout for beginners followed by more advanced back workouts. 

Basic Back Workout
Dynamic Back Workout
10 x 10 Back Workout
Massive Back Workout
Powerbuilding Back Workout

Basic Back Workout

Back Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell rows 4 10, 8, 8
Seated rows 4 10, 8, 8
Lat pulldowns 4 10

Don’t let this Basic Back Workout fool you!  Whereas this is perfect for beginners, you can still grow and build muscle from this simple workout because the exercises are all mass builders if you train hard. 

This back workout is for you if you…

  • Are a beginner with the weights
  • Need to quick back workout that hits the basics
  • Deload back workout
  • Want to get a good back pump

Back WorkoutTips:

  • Go up in weight about 10 lbs. each set for the first two exercises
  • Focus on form and contracting your back muscles at the peak of each rep

Dynamic Back Workout

Back Exercises Sets Reps
Reverse grip barbell rows 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Lat pulldowns 3 12
Wide grip seated rows 4 10, 8, 6, 6
Close-grip lat pulldowns 3 12

My Dynamic Back Workout has you alternating between a rowing exercise and pull-down exercise.  You’ll also notice some of your grips will be altered from the norm. 

This allows you to target different angles helping you build a thick and wide back. 

This back workout is for you if you…

  • Need a new back workout because you’ve hit a plateau
  • Want to target the various angles of your back
  • Want to get stronger on your reverse grip rows (Dorian Yates, 6-time Mr. Olympia in the ’90s, swore by this specific exercise for building his huge back)

Dynamic Back WorkoutTips:

  • Try using shorter rest periods between sets, about 45 seconds, for a maximum pump
  • Focus on muscle contractions through the reps and using good form for this workout

10 x 10 Back Workout

Back Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell rows 10 10
Seated rows 3 10***
Reverse grip lat pulldowns 3 10

***Superset seated rows with reverse grip lat pulldowns

The 10 x 10 Back Workout is based on German Volume Training.  The goal is to engorge the muscle with blood flow.  You will blow up and walk out of the gym a few inches wider after this workout! 

10 x 10 is for you if you…

  • Want an extreme and ridiculous pump 
  • Need to back off the heavyweights but still get a good workout
  • Need to go lighter to work around an injury

10 x 10 Back WorkoutTips:

  • For the first exercise (10 x 10), use a weight that’s about 60% of your max
  • Rest 45 seconds between sets
  • You can take this same concept (10 x 10) and apply it to any muscle

Massive Back Workout

Back Exercises Sets Reps
Deadlifts 4 4-6
Barbell rows 4 8-10
Dumbbell rows 4 8-10
T-bar rows 3 10***
Lat pulldowns 3 10

***Superset T-bar rows with lat pulldowns

Dense muscle mass is where it’s at if you want a big, powerful physique. And this Massive Back Workout will do the trick.  But I warn you, get ready to move some heavyweights!  And get ready for mass season (who doesn’t love mass season?). 

This workout is for you if you want to…

  • Make some extreme gains for back
  • Lift some heavy ass weights (borrowed that line from Ronnie Coleman, 8-time Mr. Olympia)
  • Add overall upper body size
  • Commit to heavy workouts for at least 8 weeks (no complaining, no whining)

Massive Back WorkoutTips:

  • Go heavy, on everything
  • While going heavy, do not neglect using proper form. It may not be perfect on every set, but don’t let yourself get overly sloppy

Powerbuilding Back Workout

Back Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell rows 5 5
Deadlifts 4 3
One-arm seated rows 3 8-10*
Pull-ups 3 10**
Cable pullovers 3 12**

*Drop set on final set
**Rest-pause set on final set

The Powerbuilding Back Workout will help you pack on slabs of both muscle and strength.  You’ll be performing some major compound exercises for back in the beginning, and putting the finishing touches on your physique in the last half of the workout. 

This back workout is for you if you aspire to…

  • Get strong on your core lifts (rows and deadlifts)
  • Have defined muscles and striations
  • Gain dense muscle size and shape (that phrase dense muscles came from a magazine I read years ago describing Dorian Yates)

Powerbuilding Back WorkoutTips:

  • You’re going to be pulling some heavyweights on your barbell rows so make sure you keep your body and core tight 
  • You’ll also be going heavy with sets of 3 on your deadlifts. This is to gain overall strength and power
  • In the last half of the workout you’ll shift to bodybuilding-style training, in which the focus will be on contracting the muscle and forcing the muscle to do the work. 

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Leg Workouts

leg workouts squats

One of the biggest mistakes bodybuilders and weight trainers make is not paying enough attention to their leg workouts.

Think about it.  You probably train upper body three to four days a week.  How often do you train legs?  

Most will answer…

Uh…just once.’ (followed by a long ‘sigh’ because they were just called out!). 

The truth about legs is they are (or at least should be) the strongest muscle in your body.  So whether you train them once or twice a week (uh-um…I strongly recommend having two lower-body days per week), you better make sure you train those wheels hard! 

The good news is that I have some killer leg workouts for you below. 

Basic Leg Workout
Superset Leg Workout
Massive Leg Workout
High Volume 500-Rep Leg Workout
Intense Pump Leg Workout
Calves Workouts

Basic Beginner’s Leg Workout

Leg Exercises Sets Reps
Squats 3 8
Leg press 3 10
Leg extensions 3 12
Leg curls 3 12

If you’re a beginner, this Basic Leg Workout is a perfect starting point for training your quads and hams.  Even though there are just a few exercises below, I encourage you to master these basics. 

This beginner’s leg workout is for you if you are…

  • Just getting started
  • Need a deload leg workout
  • Coming back to the gym after a long break (you really shouldn’t be taking long breaks!)

Basic Leg WorkoutTips:

  • Watch plenty of videos and even go as far as hiring a coach to make sure you’re performing your squats correctly
  • Focus on your form

Superset Leg Workout

Leg Exercises Sets Reps
Squats 4 6-8
Crunches 4 12
Leg press 4 10
Stiff-leg deadlifts 4 10
Leg extensions 4 12
Leg curls 4 12

The Superset Leg Workout is awesome if you want to quickly get in and out of the gym.  But make no mistake, this will be a brutal leg day!  

It’s also designed to work the antagonist muscle between the supersets (ex: quads followed by hamstrings). 

Do this superset leg workout if…

  • You don’t have as much time that day
  • You need a workout that builds muscle and burns
  • You want to ramp up your metabolism and get a huge leg pump

Superset Leg WorkoutTips:

  • You’ll notice you’re doing an ab exercise after squats instead of a hamstring exercise like the rest of the workout; this is to keep your focus on squats (supersetting with crunches shouldn’t take away from your squat). 
  • Keep things moving between those supersets, and only rest for 45 seconds between each round of supersets

Massive Leg Workout

Leg Exercises Sets Reps
Squats 6 8, 8, 6, 6, 3, 3
Hack Squats 4 10
Leg Press* 4 12
Leg Curls 4 12
Leg extensions* 4 12
Romanian deadlifts 4 12

* Superset by immediately going to the next exercise listed each set

This Massive Leg Workout is for gaining sheer lower body size and dense muscle in your quads and hamstrings.

When people see the word ‘massive’ they tend to think lower reps.  Whereas this is true with most body parts, your legs (especially quads) have more slow-twitch muscle fibers.  Because of this, you may find that your leg muscles respond best to more reps and training volume. 

The massive leg workout is for you if…

  • You need more overall lower body size and strength
  • You’re mentally ready for this type of workout
  • You can commit to making some serious lower body gains

Massive Leg WorkoutTips:

  • There’s a lot of volume with this workout because legs will typically respond better to higher volume workouts 
  • Rest up to two minutes between heavy sets of squats (this first exercise may indeed take 20-25 minutes)
  • Give yourself well over an hour for this workout

High Volume 500-Rep Leg Workout

Leg Exercises Sets Reps
Leg extensions 3 20
Hack squats 4 25
Squats 4 25
Leg curls (seated) 4 25
Leg extensions 3 25
Leg curls (lying) 3 25

Technically this leg workout is a total of 510 reps for quads and hams combined.  But 500 is a nice, even number.  That said, the High Volume 500-Rep Leg Workout is nothing less than BRUTAL!

I designed this leg workout to be used when you need a break from the heavyweights.  Because the reps are so high, you will not be going heavy at all.

However, don’t be fooled…this will be one of the toughest leg workouts you’ve ever done!

You are ready for the 500-rep leg workout if…

  • You need a break from heavy lifting
  • You want to shock your leg muscles
  • You wanna puke! (I’m kidding…)

High Volume 500-Rep Leg WorkoutTips:

  • The first exercise serves as a warm-up to get the blood flowing and prep for the work to come
  • Rest no more than 1-minute between sets
  • Spend 15 minutes stretching after this workout (you should be stretching after all workouts, but it’s imperative to stretch after this one)

Intense Pump Leg Workout

Leg Exercises Sets Reps
Hack squats* 3 10
Leg press** 4 10
Leg extensions* 4 12
Stiff-leg deadlifts 4 10
Leg curls** 4 12
Dumbbell lunges 2 12

* drop set on last 2 sets
** rest-pause set on final set

Are you ready for the Intense Pump Leg Workout?  

Similar to the high volume 500-rep leg workout, this workout is designed to pump an insane amount of blood into your leg muscles.  Make no mistake, you will be wobbling out of the gym. 

The intense pump leg workout is for you if…

  • You’re serious about getting big legs
  • Want to use a variety of techniques to intensify the workout

Extreme Pump Leg WorkoutTips:

  • There’s no free-weight squats in this workout but feel free to sub with hack squats
  • Keep the rest between sets 45 seconds to a minute
  • Stretching will be crucial following this workout

Calves Workouts

Below I’m giving a few different workouts for calves.  There’s no need to do a full workout for calves, but there are some little tricks that will bump up the intensity.

You can workout your calves on your leg days but I also encourage you to train calves at the end of other workouts too and to train them at least twice a week (especially if you have stubborn calves!). 

You’ll also notice that you’re using some type of technique each workout.  This is to ramp up the intensity.

Calves Workout 1: Drop Sets with Rest-Pause

Calves Exercises Sets Reps
Standing calve raises* 4 12
Seated calve raises** 4 12

* drop set on final two set
** rest-pause set on all sets

Calves Workout 2: Super Sets

Calves Exercises Sets Reps
Standing calve raises* 5 15
Seated calve raises 5 15

* superset with following exercise

Calves Workout 3: 75s

Calves Exercises Sets Reps
Calve raises on leg press * 75 (total)

* 75’s  (explained below):

  • 1 giant set to where you choose a weight you can do about 20 or so reps with.
  • Do one set, then rest for 10 seconds and do another
  • Keep doing this until you hit a total of 75 reps
  • You can perform this 2-3 times to complete the workout for calves. 

This can be done on any machine for calves but the above example is on the leg press.

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Shoulder Workouts

Shoulders - seated dumbbell press

The one muscle that will give you that 3-dimensional look is shoulders.

If you build rounded, cannon-balled shaped shoulders, then you’re going to stand out! They’re the foundation of your upper body.

Below you’ll find several shoulder workouts that will help attain those capped delts.

Basic Shoulder Workout
Massive Shoulder Workout
Powerbuilding Shoulder Workout
10 x 10 Shoulder Workout

Basic Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Exercises Sets Reps
Seated barbell press 3 8
Lateral raises 3 10
Seated dumbbell press 3 10

This Basic Shoulder Workout is a great place to start.  You’re doing the major compound muscle-building exercises that are crucial for gaining mass and strength. 

Do this shoulder workout if…

  • You are a beginner just starting out in the gym
  • You need a simple, quick, yet effective workout
  • It’s time to do a deload shoulder workout after coming off a heavy routine

Massive Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Exercises Sets Reps
Seated barbell press 4 6-8
Seated dumbbell press* 4 6-8
Bent-over raises (or reverse pec-dec)* 4 10-12
Lateral raises** 4 15+

* drop set on final set
** triple-drop set on ALL sets (see below for details)

If you’re serious about having big shoulders then you’re gonna wanna do this Massive Shoulder Workout.  Every exercise and technique in this workout is catered to making massive gains. 

This workout is going to give you huge, rounded delts and your shirts will fit tighter!

Do this shoulder workout if your goal is to…

  • Make superior gains in your shoulder size and development
  • Gain both strength and mass
  • Go to the next level of shoulder workouts

Massive WorkoutTips:

  • The double drop-set is basically 3 sets in one.  You’ll do a set of lateral raises for about 10 reps, immediately pick up lighter dumbbells (about 10 lbs lighter) and go again, and then repeat once more, totaling 3 sets in 1. 
  • On your first two exercises, go up in weight each set and rest about a minute between sets

Powerbuilding Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Exercises Sets Reps
Standing barbell press 5 5
Arnold dumbbell press 3 8
Lateral raises* 3 10
Bent-over raises 3 10

* superset by going to the following exercise

One of my all-time favorite workouts is the Powerbuilding Shoulder Workout.  It’s s mix of powerlifting (training for pure strength on a major lift) and bodybuilding (defining and shaping the muscle). 

In short, get ready to get strong and ripped shoulders!

This shoulder workout is for you if you…

  • Want to get stronger on your overhead press (standing barbell press)
  • Want to make serious mass gains while defining your shoulders

Powerbuilding Shoulder WorkoutTips:

  • Your focus is on gaining strength on your major compound lift, standing barbell press

10 X 10 Shoulder Workout

Shoulder Exercises Sets Reps
Seated dumbbell press 10 10
Lateral raises 5 8

If you need a break from going heavy but still want the pump and muscle building effects, then the 10 x 10 Shoulder Workout is perfect. 

10 sets of 10 reps is the core concept from German Volume Training. The idea is to create a massive pump by increasing blood flow into the muscle. 

You should try the 10 x 10 shoulder workout if…

  • You need time between heavy workout routines
  • You want a serious pump in your shoulders
  • You a short, simple workout that will help pack on size

10 x 10 Shoulder WorkoutTips:

  • For 10 x 10, pick a weight that’s about 60% of your max and rest 45 seconds (no more than a minute) between those sets

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Arm Workouts

Barbell curls - bw

Now it’s time to work those ‘show muscles!‘  It’s time to train biceps and triceps. 

Although I personally train my biceps and triceps directly, arm workouts are almost not necessary for building arm size.  Why?  

  • Biceps get stimulated on back day (or anything that involves pulling).
  • Triceps get worked on chest and shoulder day (anything that involves pushing). 

None the less, we all love training arms and embrace that pump we get from curls and extensions.  

2 TIPS that apply for all arm exercises in the below workouts are:

  1. Force the muscle to do the work
  2. Focus on muscle contractions throughout each rep

The below arm workouts are for both biceps and triceps.  You can do these workouts together, or you can split them up.  An example is you could take one of the workouts for biceps and pair it with chest or back. 

Basic Arm Workout
Massive Arms Workout
Superset Arm Workout

Basic Arm Workout

Biceps Exercises Sets Reps
Barbell (or EZ cambered bar) curls 3 8
Dumbbell hammer curls 3 10
Triceps Exercises Sets Reps
Cable pressdowns 3 8
Seated overhead dumbbell extensions 3 10

You can build some serious arm size and definition with the simple exercises in this Basic Arm Workout

Try the below arm workout if you…

  • Need a quick arm workout
  • Want to take part in this workout and combine it with (after) training a heavy body part (ex: chest and biceps, shoulders and triceps)
  • Want to workout on a non-scheduled training day so you need a simple, not-as-taxing on the central nervous system workout 

Massive Arms Workout

Biceps Exercises Sets Reps
Alternate dumbbell curls 3 8
Barbell curls 3 10
Preacher curls* 3 12

* drop set on final set

Triceps Exercises Sets Reps
Close-grip bench press 3 8
Seated overhead dumbbell extensions 3 10
Rope pressdowns* 3 12

* drop set on final set

If you want to take it up a notch and build some huge arms, then try this Massive Arms Workout

The goal here is to overload the muscles.  It’s similar to the basic arm workout as you will be performing basic mass building exercises.  But you’re going to do more volume in this arm workout.  

Train arms with this workout if…

  • You desire some serious arm mass
  • You want to add definition to your arms
  • Your goal is to have balanced triceps and biceps (NOT just big biceps)

Superset Arm Workout

Arm Exercises Sets Reps
Skull-crushers* 3 8
Barbell curls 3 8
Rope pressdowns* 3 10
Preacher curls 3 10
One-arm cable pressdowns* 3 12
Incline dumbbell curls 3 12

* superset to the following exercise

If I’m training arms by themselves, this is almost always the type of arm workout I’ll do; Superset Arm Workout

You’ll notice that you will be doing supersets between exercises for biceps and triceps.  This is the agonist/antagonist concept of muscle building (working the opposing muscle).  

Do superset for arms if you’re ready for…

  • Serious gains in your biceps and triceps
  • An extreme arm pump
  • Blasting your arm gains to the next level (that sounded a bit extreme didn’t it?…lol)

TIP: If you wanted to do biceps or triceps after training another muscle group, you could shorten this workout by taking off the last two exercises.

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Combining Muscle Groups in One Workout and Catering to Your Specific Goals

You may ask:

Can I train more than one muscle in a workout?

Yes, you absolutely can!  Even though these workouts are specific to one muscle group, you can couple each workout with another.  Here are a few examples of combining workouts to train multiple muscles:

  • Chest and biceps
  • Shoulders and triceps
  • Back and shoulders
  • Quads and arms
  • Back and hamstrings
  • Chest and back

You should always cater to the types of workouts to your goals.  So I’m going to break this down into the three major weight training goals. 

  1. Bodybuilding
  2. Strength and conditioning
  3. Powerlifting

Bodybuilding: If you’re doing more of a bodybuilding style of training, then I suggest you train a smaller muscle after a large muscle (ex: chest first, then biceps, or back first, then hamstrings).  This will help you focus more energy on the bigger lifts.

Strength and conditioning: If your goal is strength and conditioning, I encourage you to try an agonist/antagonist approach.  This mainly applies to the upper body, and an example would be supersetting barbell rows with the bench press.  

For lower body exercises, like squats and deadlifts, I’ll superset those exercises with an ab exercise.  This is going to go against what you’ve been taught, but it works.  

Powerlifting: If your training for pure strength and are just concerned with powerlifting, then stick to the major compound lifts.  You’ll still need to do work for the supporting muscles but you may not train arms or do a lot of the isolation exercises if they do not support your major lifts directly. 

I hope you enjoyed reading through these workouts for specific muscle groups.  More so, I hope you use them and they help you make some serious gains!

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Hi, I'm Jason Stallworth and I created The Muscle Program in 2010 for the purpose of helping you build muscle. I know first-hand how weight training and being in the gym has shaped my life in more way than one. And here is where I share that experience with you so that you can continue pushing yourself and becoming the best version of yourself each day!